Taylor has a new goal after breaking up the man said it was sexy-女f4

Taylor exposure after breaking up a new target man called sexy Taylor, Zach Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the 26 year old Taylor (Taylor Swift) last week was James after break up, she came has launched a search for a new object, aimed at the 28 year old "bad neighbours" actor Zach Efron (with Zac Efron). Taylor return less than half a month, she came after Zach, the United States In Touch website reported, sources that she kept talking about Zach and side bestie. Zach and Taylor are old acquaintances, they were 4 years ago for the cartoon "Rowley division" dubbing, run propaganda film, but did not consider the further development into a relationship. His girlfriend Zach in April this year and 2 year relationship breakup, American Hollywood Life points out, Zach heard rumors to friends that he is love Taylor’s music, "Taylor feel very sexy, he wanted to know how he will make Taylor a girlfriend". 2 people seem to be impossible. Friends said Taylor began again, there are people acid: see how long this can hold."相关的主题文章: