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At noon was arrested again in the evening birthday party cadres can not stop the rhythm – Sohu on August 11th in Hubei, a cadre in 36 years old birthday. At noon he put on a large birthday party, commission for Discipline Inspection has been caught at night again feast, knowingly violate, the results have been removed from their party posts and administrative demotion. (09-12 source: surging News) Yin Moumou to celebrate his 36 birthday, lunch in the hotel with 10 banquet tables, in addition to relatives, friends and colleagues also invited non relatives and individual boss personnel to attend the banquet. The County Commission for Discipline Inspection verified, the Yin Moumou received from friends, colleagues and other non related individual boss personnel 36 people gifts 10600 yuan. The behavior is clearly in violation of the relevant provisions of the disciplinary rules, subject to removal from party posts and administrative demotion, it was to blame. However, Yin Moumou discipline typical case is still being investigated at noon in the post, even knowingly violate not repent, again, 6 tables feast, invite friends, colleagues and boss and other non related individual personnel to participate in. At noon to be arrested in the evening to continue cadres feast can not stop the rhythm? So, what is the reason for the repeat offenders do not change? One afternoon the investigation is not really ", the injured in the sinews or bones have not formed a" big impact. It is wrong to believe that at noon after checked how the evening will not be found. It is this kind of luck, contributed to its disciplinary behavior. Of course, the most important thing is the lack of disciplinary rules and awe, not to comply with the party and government act as their own bottom line, is bound to impact discipline red line. In fact, the repeated investigations of Party members and cadres are still many, not just "Yin Moumou was arrested at night to" so rampant. The original Tianjin Port Economic Zone Management Committee member, deputy inspector, director of the office of the stone force by the party a serious warning in violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems in December 2013, and by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, giving names bulletin exposure. However, only one month, it will be re discipline. Stone force is the party’s eighteen and the mass line of educational practice, Tianjin city for a "four winds" discipline was investigated after the typical continuous step on mine I am still my old self., electric shock and self destruction. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "the party to manage the party strictly, what, what? Rely on strict discipline." The discipline and rules in front, is the party to manage the party’s fundamental policy. In view of this, the discipline cadres can not simply "a penalty trouble", also must strengthen supervision to strengthen the cadres in education at the same time, must also strengthen the problem of cadres "file for investigation, and resolutely investigate and maintain the disciplinary authority, the real party cadres to establish the disciplinary rules and awe. In order to avoid some cadres "repeat offenders" phenomenon.相关的主题文章: