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Experts talk about the perception of nature: cultivate children observation focus imagination – Sohu when the baby began to have maternal awareness, mom and dad are very happy to take the children to see flowers and grass in the outdoor touch, feel the breath of nature, whether it is enjoying the landscape, or stroll around the park, or take holidays children go to the botanical garden, the outskirts of experience. Today, mother invited to the Sohu, Xinjiang Shihezi local natural science fancier, "said Chinese million worm king", Xinjiang natural ecological ecological school summer camp leader, lecturer Wang Rui, to share with my mom and Dad, how to let the children a better understanding of the nature? And, to understand the nature, can let the child harvest? The guests: Wang Rui, Xinjiang Shihezi local natural science fancier, "said Chinese million worm king", Xinjiang natural ecological ecological school summer camp leader, lecturer. Field survey and image recording in Xinjiang local insects and amphibians and reptiles, to resolve the hearts of the people for fear of poikilotherm. Sohu mother and child: I would like to ask you to chat, what is your opportunity to engage in natural education work? Wang Rui: I grew up in love of nature, love of wild animals, the use of spare time to learn a variety of natural science knowledge, understand the diversity of species around, has always been the case. In 2015 the summer after I graduated from college, just know "sponsored by the Xinjiang natural school summer camp", adding later served as instructor of various animal, wild animal explain to the children around Urumqi from life, then I fell in love with this work, until now, I am willing to work together to explore the nature and the children. I am mainly responsible for amphibians and reptiles, birds and insects teaching, some professional complex animal knowledge into plain words to share with the children, leading them to understand the nature and the perception of nature, in contact with our children, I also slowly summed up the children accept the knowledge, want to focus their attention will be the teaching content arrangement are vivid and interesting, full of stories. Sohu maternal and child: do you think, understand animals, understand nature, children can get what? Love is not the nature of the child, the character will be more cheerful? Wang Rui: for this question, my answer is yes, today, most children are living in the city with iron bastions, learning pressure, a rare holiday will be all of the class class occupied, or holding a mobile phone tablet computer through the communication of people will decrease, let alone contact with nature. And those who love the nature of children, you can see the blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and rivers, feel for their birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers, have a psychological and physiological role, they will become lively and cheerful, good at discovering the beauty in life, in order to better spend every day. Sohu: how do you feel about your child’s imagination, observation, attention, and other abilities. Wang Rui: like nature’s children, will be interested in animals and plants in nature, so in the process of understanding animals and plants, is a process of exploring the problem: for a simple species, children.相关的主题文章: