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Chinese trademark battle, the president of the United States Trump became the toilet – now you’re in the Chinese technology Sohu called Trump, most people would recognize it as the new president of the United States Trump name, but also may refer to the aquarium products, chemical products, food and even a bidet toilet, behind the hit phenomenon in Trump and toilet, reflects what kind of a China society? According to the trademark registration information China the State Administration for Industry and commerce, 53 registered trademarks of Trump in the China, only 21 of the applicants is the next president of the United States Trump (Donald Trump), less than half of the total. Other applications Trump as trademarks enterprises including from Shanghai investment company, Guangzhou aquatic products industry, Chengdu food factory, and is located in Fuzhou chemical company. Shenzhen chuangpu industrial is a toilet manufacturer, also using the Trump as a registered trademark of the company’s founder, said Zhong Jiye recently accepted the "New York Times" visit, when applying for trademark English, "Trump doesn’t know this person, will choose Trump as the company’s English name just because the pronunciation the name of the company and Chinese chuangpu are very similar, not defiled the new president’s name. Niu pointed out Trump and bidet toilet "hit", reflects the multinational companies and celebrities in the China trademark dilemma, because Chinese State Administration for Industry and Commerce Committee hearing trademark application, the general will be granted the right to use personal or business application first to the government, if the brand name repeated, too so the parties request the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board approved, whether their own trademark is well-known trademark, is also in the China with high visibility, well-known brand. But to prove that a trademark at a point in time how much fame, and even repeated application for trademark is the trademark, is not an easy thing, also caused Chinese trademark chaos. Chinese trademark regulations so that many businessmen will grab before international companies or brand registration, the first to register the trademark, such as science and technology industry leader apple (Apple) will not keep iPhone the exclusive right to use the trademark, after lengthy legal proceedings, Beijing senior people’s court rejected Apple’s appeal in May this year, when Beijing declared the new world technology company in 2007 registered trademark iPhone, iPhone in China "is not popular products, so Apple appeal judgment is invalid, the new world technology can continue to use the iPhone trademark in the leather, leather and other goods. Trump in China and toilet par, but he was not the first to face such an embarrassing situation of the leaders of the United States in 2004, the former president of the United States Chinese merchant bush (George W Bush) the Chinese names registered as a diaper trademark, was Chinese officials also criticized by other countries registered trademark name leader, "may have the adverse effects of society". Over the past ten years, Trump still become the bad news相关的主题文章: