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A shares the red October opener period of ten big market outlook: Sina Finance blog App live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money Sina Finance News September 30th news, Friday morning, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities opened slightly lower, intraday military stocks and collective liquor stocks pulled up, driven by stock index shocks up to recover 3000 points, then the stock index around 3000 points to maintain the shock consolidation. Afternoon opening, the outstanding performance of Shenzhen state owned reform concept briefly boosted the market sentiment, but the overall market is still showing shrinkage correction. Today is the last trading day before the holiday, the market sentiment is strong, investors will not be willing to participate, the continued decline in the volume of the market rebound underpowered. Huang Jianhua: A shares can be expected with the red October opener market continued to decline in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, Shenzhen and short kinetic energy through good policy is expected to impact the red October start period. Yan Xin: stand on the 3000 day after attack red October market stand average is given the opportunity elasticity, in the external economic pessimism clear case, the Politburo meeting will be held in late October in China, into a powerful policy space for the capital market. Yu Hui: for what? And since the rest of the rest of the day before the holiday effect, silent for what? And from the rest; on the other hand, the market is weak to the extreme, the sale is extremely depressed. The amount of the arrival of adumbrative also indicates that the variable inflection point approaching, the long-term buy will come. Yu Yuetong: market opportunities will be roughly in the two extreme if the 2970 point is the starting point of the fall, then this round of attack to the market is near the end of the 3100 points. If the 2900 point is the starting point of the fall, then the 3200 point may see. Xu Wenming: the market will continue to rise up from the technical analysis on the day after, as long as the market index remained at 2980 above the average in May, is to hold the line, hold the line as long as the average in May, next month will rise and hope. Heart: Festival will usher in a wave of rising up to today’s close, a total of only 32 trading days the market fell by 135, a daily average of only 4.21 points, to adjust the way this slow so that the market still maintained a good running rhythm, so there is reason to believe that the National Day after the big wheel is expected to usher in a wave of rising again. Old music: Festival or important action Friday is the last trading day before the holiday, generally relatively light trading is normal. It is important to see the performance of the festival. Ding Dawei: October saw this sign can Mancang approach from this week’s market sentiment, low volume continued sideways implies that the market sentiment continues to decline, since recently the amount can not effectively enlarged, at present in a shock grind at the end of the stage, on the other hand, perhaps this is just to pave the way for a holiday rebound. Bald sea stocks: liquor recovery to celebrate the national day of the entire liquor industry boom is still in the promotion, immediately entered the liquor consumption season, including stocks of good quality has experienced a long time after the adjustment can focus on the middle. Min Fei: beware of theory相关的主题文章: