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Suining, a driver driving a U-turn to miss the export of high-speed rear end button 6 damaged two cars rear end by car, no injuries. (police for map) Sichuan news network Suining (micro-blog) November 7th news (reporter Zhao Quanjun) 6 day at 16:30 PM, two car accident of miansui highway exit of Yongxing Town, causing damage to two vehicles, no injuries. Originally, before the car driver missed the highway exit, to highway driving a U-turn was after the car crash. After the event, the driver should bear full responsibility for the accident, 6 points and fined. According to the vehicle rear end driver Wang introduced, he was driving from Mianyang (micro-blog), three counties (micro-blog) to Neijiang (micro-blog) work, when reaching the same day he was driving along the miansui highway Wuling van driving, reaching the Yongxing exit, to drive a silver car front brake suddenly later, because it has not recovered, see small parked in the driveway in front of a black car. At this time has been too late to escape, he stepped on the brakes due to excessive speed, or hit a parked car on the road NISSAN. At the same time, NISSAN car driver Zhang was wronged. She said, did not expect a small fault, causing the traffic accident. Ms. Zhang said, the day she drove a NISSAN car from Pengxi to Suining, ready to send her daughter to school. Because it did not notice the exit sign of the entrance of Yongxing highway, drove the car through the exit position. When the found immediately after the brakes will be parked on the highway, ready to turn into the Yongxing export, or be thought after the car rear end. According to the high-speed traffic police brigade two police, because it was a light rain, it is already late. After the accident, the traffic police and highway management unit staff in the accident area put the safety warning signs, two car out of the highway. The police told reporters, because Ms. Zhang missed the Yongxing expressway exit, but the distance under a highway exit and only four kilometers, if from the front exit station and then turn around after the return, only need to travel more than ten minutes. Eventually, after the accident investigation by the traffic police on the scene to determine the responsibility of the accident, Ms. Zhang was identified on the highway should bear the full responsibility for the accident, will face 6 points deduction, a fine of $200 penalty. Fortunately, the accident caused only vehicle damage, no casualties.相关的主题文章: