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Shanghai SOHO issued "five card one"   counting program – Anhui channel — according to Chinese sound "global Chinese radio network" reported that from October 1st this year, Shanghai began to implement the individual industrial and commercial households "two card integration", as one of the pilot areas, Shanghai business sector No. 8 awarded individual business cards with a "first", and gives the enterprise and unified social credit code. The future, in addition to the self-employed is a natural person, but also in daily business activities need to use similar corporate identity when using this code, and the enterprises enjoy the same treatment. The applicant for the registration of individual industrial and commercial households, only need to fill out a "table" to "a window" submit "a set of materials, the business license issued by the Department of industry and Commerce unified loading code, the tax department is no longer issuing the certificate of tax registration. This will undoubtedly provide a great convenience to the vast number of individual industrial and commercial households. Simplify the registration of individual industrial and commercial households, the convenience of the public business, is conducive to the public entrepreneurship, innovation, industry and commerce, taxation and other departments also can have information sharing, so that more market players to enjoy the commercial registration system reform brought dividends. In other countries, how to register a company? Is the procedure simple and convenient? In addition, the enterprise tax procedures are complex? First look at the United States, companies need to provide identity certificate or a copy of one or more than two shareholders of shareholders in the United States, three U.S. company name, the registration agency by the United States nuclear name, such as repeat can apply for. According to Wall Street media reporter Wang Yuhan introduced in the United States, the company is governed by the various states. First of all, you have to decide what type of company you want to open, that is, choose Corporation Statutory Companies, LLC limited liability company or LLP limited partnership, etc.. Then go to each state’s state government website to check whether the name of the registered company is available, and ultimately the name of the company. Next to the office of the Secretary of state to the articles of association of documents, and provides all the rights of members and operators operating rules of consent and pay the registration fee, fee charges for file. Each state charges are different, such as California is more expensive, a year to $800, while Washington state as long as around $200, may also need some business license application for registration, if you want to run a food, but also for some license business license. In addition to the registered company, mainly engaged in the sale of the company’s business is also to apply for tax permits, with him to collect sales tax to customers. A financial source of business sales tax is the government, registered companies can operate any kind of legitimate business, if there is profit, the company every quarter to ILS tax, if overdue payment, the government will be punished. The company’s quarterly tax mainly includes payroll tax, sales tax, property tax, tax, fuel tax, etc.. Each kind of tax returns in different ways, in general is to organize and process documents, accounts by the audit, the final form and submitted to the state government to pay taxes. Registered companies in Japan must first determine the address, after determining相关的主题文章: