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More than Wu Lei’s first active front with a Lipizan Chinese first advantages – Sohu sports when Wu Lei for fourth consecutive years to get over the local Golden boot, after Mr. finalists Asian football competition, many fans said Wu Leicai is now the first China active striker. However, Wu Lei in the national football once again exposed the properties of soft foot shrimp, repeatedly slipped in the attack, even proud movement could not cast out. In view of his lost on the field, Lippi with Cao fixed for him. In contrast to the performance of the foot, you can easily find out that Zhang Yuning is the best person to play, although he is only 19 years old, but he is more qualified than the first Chinese striker in the title of Wu Lei. Although Zhang Yuning in the 12 game, has not scored a goal, it is regrettable, but the next 5 games, he showed a very comprehensive ability, so that football fans are full of hope for him. Zhang Yuning shot sharp, match with Qatar, he seems like shooting the ball in the face of Wu Lei, in front of the door wide leg of a barrel, even if the final was offside penalty, but we can see his shooting consciousness. At the age of 19, he not only has a very strong body, and he is using his body, he can Kangzhu defenders in the game, compared to Wu Lei and Gao Lin touched down, Zhang Yuning can well finish back the ball and the ball, Sheng Ren Feng line support task. Should be careful not difficult to find fans, Zhang Yuning or Orangemen four strikers, most will be a goal, he always appears in the teammate pass the ball, while other people can do that. In addition to technical center, Zhang Yuning has a pretty pass, World Cup qualifier against Uzbekistan, Zhang Yuning Wu Lei sent a note to the just perfect long pass, these moments are proving that Zhang Yuning is in the front of the foot forward, but also have excellent psychological quality, but also can exert their abilities even in important games among the. Zhang Yuning’s ability not only to get the fans of identity, which has an advantage, even Lippi praised, is the national football squad, only one player in Liuyang, Fox Home Media "Rome sports newspaper" interview, Zhang Yuning specifically mentioned. Lippi said Zhang Yuning’s ability to play without the ball is the strongest in China: he knows how to play without the ball, which is almost no one will be able to Chinese players." In fact, the coach is the most valued player awareness, compared to other domestic striker, the most prominent of Zhang Yuning is not his body, but his mind, his playing consciousness is the best, we can get Lippi’s praise, Zhang Yuning does have talent, if can improve the finishing touches on hold with comprehensive ability, he will, is the national football striker pillars of the future!相关的主题文章: