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Mourinho Rooney fans crazy chase twice failed Rooney Manchester United debut 12 anniversary xiaopang hat moment Tencent September 23rd opener sports news "Daily Post" reporter Robert Beasley wrote the name as "Mourinho: close contact with" new book will be available in September 29th, in the "Daily Mail" announced in advance in the content of Beasley. The summer of 2013 revealed the window, Mourinho had to want to sign Rooney. Beasley revealed in the book, in the summer of, the second time coach Chelsea (data), became the only player he wanted to introduce the players of the, in the summer of 2013. The England striker at Old Trafford seems to come to the crossroads. Rooney is in a turbulent situation, Mourinho is ready to take advantage of this situation, will be rescued from the plight of the Rooney. Ferguson finally left United, Everton boss Alex Moyers took over the post. Moyers coached Rooney, so they met at Manchester united. Mourinho has always been a fan of Rooney, three years ago, when the coach of Real Madrid () when they want to sign into the Rooney. It was in October 2010, Rooney angrily out of contract talks with Manchester united. Mourinho, who was in Spain, responded, "if Rooney wants to leave, call me." The Portuguese has not received a phone call, because Rooney soon reconsidered in Manchester situation, and the Reds signed a new five year contract. However, Mourinho believes that this time the situation will be different. It is clear that Rooney is not satisfied with his situation, is not stable, which is what Mourinho needs to know. In the summer of 2013, Mourinho has been chasing the 27 year old Rooney. In June, Mourinho said, like Rooney, he was in a dreamy age. He is very mature and has a lot of experience. In July 7th, he hinted that Rooney will be in the United States because of the bad influence of the three lions in the performance, if Rooney is the United Nations in the choice of the second, then the national team will certainly be affected." A few days later, he said again, "I can’t talk about other players, but you know me and I always talk about my favorite players." When Chelsea went to the United States in July at the end of the preseason, Mourinho is confident. It is clear that the blues are ready to sign for Rooney in 30 million and they think the transfer fee will be enough. I remember when I was having lunch with my son Joshua at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, D. C., while Jose was doing the first thing he did, and the first thing he did was to sit with my son in a crowded place with the rest of the world. The first thing that happened to me was that I had to go out with my son, and that’s what happened to my son, Mourinho. Mourinho joked about my son’s first sentence. "Do you think we should sign the fat boy?"" Joshua was a little ignorant, he was not aware of the "fat boy" means, I smiled and told him, "he means Rooney, fat boy is Rooney." The joke is enough to show that Mourinho is a big fan of the Manchester United striker and is desperate to sign him. Later, I talked to Rooney’s agent, veonstray Forde. We have known each other for years and have a good relationship with each other相关的主题文章: