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Beng Melea site, the "Old Summer Palace" of Kampuchea tourism Sohu – BEng Melea BEng Melea, also called Kampuchea, in the Khmer language means "the Lotus Pond". When we arrived, a dilapidated, secret, without the renovation of the temple in front of us. We suddenly have a feeling, as if standing in front of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing, china. Beng Mealea, the temple of Angkor group from 40 km to the East, was built in twelfth Century, is the first group of Angkor temple building complete with gravel. This temple was never completed, there should be a relief of the temple walls are absolutely empty, is said to have had the treasures have been ransacked a westerner. Because of its original style, some say it is a relic of the most worth seeing in angkor. The ruins of the inch grass clumps, the walls collapsed serious, filled with desolate and corrupt atmosphere, a ruin. In 70s, it served as the Khmer Rouge camps nearby was heavily mined. It was not until after the peace of Kampuchea in 90s that the land was swept away, and that today’s people were lucky enough to come to visit this lost civilization. Into here, I saw the collapse of the building everywhere, falling stones piled up chaos. The sun through the jungle, broken through the dome, columns, irradiation on the mossy stone walls, stone stairs. Even more shocking is that more than ten meters tall and doggedly drilled out from the crevice, roots like talon, tightly hold the feet of the stones, several times around, very spectacular, very powerful.               相关的主题文章: