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The last day of the holiday to go out the public gradually return will welcome the afternoon return peak Shaoxing High Speed Rail North Station ushered in the large passenger flow today is the National Day holiday on the last day, from yesterday, many people have started to return to travel, highway and railway appeared obvious peak return. According to the forecast, return peak will appear in the afternoon. The railway to usher in the return peak more than 3 people yesterday afternoon, Mr. Xu took out of the Shaoxing high speed rail station exit with the child, during the National Day holiday, he took the children to Nanjing to stroll, visit the Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum, the Confucius temple and the Qinhuai River tour. Mr. Xu said, in order to avoid the holiday on the last day of the return peak, he deliberately booked a ticket in October 6th, one day before returning home, set aside a day of rest, ready to go to work. With Mr. Xu, many people have similar ideas, will return ahead of time. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw at the Shaoxing station exit out of the station, passengers are traveling in a continuous line, most of the people of Shaoxing to return. Shaoxing north station data provided by the Shaoxing North Station passenger number increased yesterday. Statistics show that in September 30th, Shaoxing station to send visitors 23871 passengers, from October 1st to October 5th, this figure is no more than 22000 passengers, until yesterday, the return of the rapid increase of the number of single day, sending passengers reached 23892 passengers. According to forecasts, the number of today to take the high-speed rail return will continue to increase, one day send the number of visitors is expected to more than 25 thousand people. In order to deal with the return peak, the railway sector will also open 4 passenger trains, mainly in Nanjing south to Wenzhou south, Xuzhou east to Cangnan, Hangzhou east to the south of Wenzhou. These two days are a little high blocking speed on the return peak, from the afternoon of October 5th began to appear. On the three high-speed direction to Shangyu, the day before yesterday is a big traffic, traffic increased significantly compared to last year. The road traffic congestion has been great, once reached amble state, to 10 points the day before yesterday evening, traffic returned to normal. Due to the large traffic congestion caused by accident, amble towards the direction of Shangyu imported from Xinchang repeatedly closed, Yongjin Expressway into three high-speed hub because of congestion in Shengzhou south to Changle to the direction of Ningbo imports once closed, Ren Hu Ling tunnel once bayonet. High speed traffic police said, 2 pm today, the highway will usher in the return peak, in the three Shangyu Expressway to the direction of the blocked road and Ma Aoling tunnel, due to the large traffic bottlenecks caused by the vehicle deceleration, accident prone, aggravate congestion. If the seal of the high-speed road, three lines to the direction of Shangyu will appear super flow, the whole process may be congestion. From the flow analysis, in October 5th, on the three high-speed Xinchang section of nearly 40 thousand vehicles, of which the direction of Shangyu to go to the car, but the traffic concentrated in the afternoon, the peak at 3~5, the flow rate of two hours to reach 3981. Police advised people to travel peak, early in the morning on the choice of travel, three high-speed road congestion. If you can not avoid congestion time, bypass. Quzhou, due to Hangjinqu Shaoxing road after the new tunnel is four lane plus hard shoulder, but to the Hangzhou 203KM road is two lane, this bottleneck will cause congestion, traffic and intrusion to Shaoxing.相关的主题文章: