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The 2016 inventory of artificial intelligence and deep learning areas of the ten acquisitions since 2014 Google spent 400 million pounds acquisition at the University of Cambridge Deep Mind unknown to the public start-up team, technology companies have been keen to buy AI technology company. What do companies want to acquire through AI technology? They just want to make their products or devices have the ability to predict intelligence to help users more convenient and efficient use. Social media and Internet Co are very interested in the technology of image and speech recognition. Today’s top tech companies want to create an intelligent personal assistant to manage them. No matter whether the recent wave of panic buying just capital bubble, AI era has come, we are here, you count the ten acquisitions since 2016 in the field of AI case… 1 Intel acquired Nervana Systems Intel spent $400 million (about 300 million pounds) acquired a start-up company Nervana Systems deep learning. As a chip manufacturer, Intel wants to achieve machine learning in the silicon layer through Nervana Systems, rather than the development of machine intelligence on the graphics processing chip. "When we look back over the past 10 years, we will find that this is the turning point of the computer architecture to the neural network." Nervana Systems CEO Naveen Rao wrote after the acquisition. 2 Intel acquisition Itseez5 months, Intel has acquired a specialized computer vision (CV) algorithm startups Itseez. Intel plans to use Itseez expertise to create things from the car to the security system (IoT). The general manager of Intel networking group Doug Davies, wrote in a blog: "Itseez will help Intel users to create CV applications of innovative deep learning, such as automatic driving, digital security monitoring and industrial inspection". Prior to this, Intel acquired AI startups in October 2015 Saffron. 3.Salesforce’s acquisition of MetaMind cloud computing expert Salesforce is trying to optimize its software products – from its customer relationship management (CRM) platform, to the marketing intelligence cloud prediction and cloud services Intelligent engine. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff bought Natural Language Processing field startups in the lead investor in MetaMind in April, then in May closed the company and its founder Richard Socher served as chief scientist of Salesforce. The acquisition of 4.Salesforce PredicitionIO and BeyondCore8, MetaMind merged with Salesforce in February acquired the open source server machine learning and the developer community PredicitonIO, and is committed to machine learning analytics startup BeyondCorK相关的主题文章: