Nanchang 5000 yuan in cash into the sleeper passengers anxious to get off the forgotten pillowcases-法拉利599gto

Nanchang 5000 yuan in cash into the sleeper passengers anxious to get off the pillowcase forgot the newspaper news reporter Zhou Wenwang Zhang Ruifang wild fly Porto before, from the South Railway Station of Changxin from Nanchang to Ningbo K1218 train 9 leaves, flight attendants are replacing the pillowcase and quilt for passengers bunks, a heavy purse fell out of a pillowcase. The conductor immediately handed the wallet to the conductor Zhang Ruifang. After the inventory, there are 5120 yuan in cash wallet, a number of bank cards and a courier documents. The bag has so much property, the owner must have found the wallet missing some very anxious. Then, the conductor call the express list of mobile phone number, the phone is the owner of Xie Yanxiang (sound). Originally, the first day of Xie Yanxiang on the train from Nanchang, the train arrived in Changxin south station is more than 5 points in the morning, she soon fell asleep. Before going to bed, she worried that the stolen property, will be equipped with money wallet into the pillowcase, and flip the pillow to sleep, just feel at ease. The next day at 5:47 in the morning, the train arrived in Changxin south station, bleary eyed Xie Yanxiang stumbled felt the train to the station, picked up the small drag boxes pillow small bag and luggage rack on the car, the pillowcase wallet, until received a phone call, she didn’t find yourself falling wallet. Subsequently, Xie Yanxiang with the conductor about good, such as train from Ningbo return to Changxin South Railway Station, the train station she come back her purse.相关的主题文章: