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Live on both sides of the line broadcast channel   YY is a good business –IT– people’s original title: on-line live channel, YY is a good business? Interestingly, the current gender channel simply rely on the user to enjoy the reward has achieved profitability. For YY LIVE, overweight PUGC meets the need to upgrade the content to build its own system, and to UGC national broadcast of the formation of dislocation competition. The live channel may be able to move the video broadcast a new mode of profit side edge variety, YY LIVE channel manager Vince told Chen sexual entertainment DreamWorks, sililar channel all live programs rely on users to pay a reward has achieved profitability. The future does not rule out to the title, implantation of new business model may. From 2015 to 2016, there is no industry can be more intuitive than direct seeding practitioners realize the significance of the so-called Internet speed. YY in which the body of LIVE in particular. For YY LIVE, on the one hand is the development trend of its rapid growth, according to the August 18th celebrations of the times the latest release of the 2016 second quarter results, online music and entertainment business revenue to achieve 50.3% growth, reaching 1 billion 98 million 300 thousand yuan, the number of paying users is an increase of 51.4% to 2 million 800 thousand people. On the other hand, it is from "expansion" to "industry pattern four league", in the past year, people live with the outbreak of the rapid rise of UGC content, according to the cheetah global think tank released in September 8th in the broadcast industry report shows that the current mapping off industry ranks has risen to second (after YY LIVE), pepper quickly climbed to eighth, the YY LIVE’s main business began to positive pressure. In this case, relying on the contents of the internal resources to upgrade integration, while opening up a new front to share the pressure of the main battlefield, but also a win-win choice. Refinement to the implementation, it is broadcast live content. In June 22nd, YY broadcast officially launched YY LIVE brand YY LIVE upgrade; in August 22nd, the first on-line sexual broadcast channels, YY LIVE is intended to convey their live entertainment dominance to defend to the outside world with speed. And in this process, the opening of the gender channel is the most eye-catching. Gender channel is the first file YY LIVE opened 24 hours of gender emotional broadcast channel, while the network has a comprehensive column and direct broadcast, belonging to the integrated PUGC products. PUGC refers to the Professional User Content Generated, that is, the production of professional users content, is an intermediate layer between the popular UGC and high-quality customized PGC. In both sexes the channel, both Le Jia and Li Yinhe such big traditional emotion under the auspices of the V program, there are nearly 100 emotional anchor by the official screening presided over the show, 24 hours to maintain linear channel coverage. At present, the YY LIVE bisexual channel has achieved peak simultaneous online)相关的主题文章: