The stewardess asked the passengers to fasten the safety belt for a punch knocked to the ground-coreldraw快捷键大全

The stewardess asked the passengers to fasten the safety belt for a punch knocked to the ground "seat belt is not only out of consideration for the safety of passengers, passenger station is required, otherwise we will be fined, who knows the passengers not only do not understand also hit." In January 27th, a stewardess for passenger seatbelt is hit, is still in hospital receiving treatment. Ms. Wang is from Xingping to Xi’an (speed) of the bus conductor. The afternoon of January 27th, Ms. Wang is from the vehicle ready to depart for Xingping West Passenger station. The bus in front of the station, as usual, Ms. Wang asked passengers to fasten the safety belt, and one by one check. Ms. Wang found a male passenger not wearing, let him wear his safety belt, can be said that the other is not willing to. Ms. Wang told each other this is the requirement of passenger station, if a passenger not wearing a seatbelt, will punish related vehicles 200 yuan. But the other side still refused to line. Subsequently, Ms. Wang of the passengers said, if you don’t fasten the safety belt will pay a fine of 200 yuan to upgrade, so the two sides quarrel occurred contradictions, the male passengers struck Ms. Wang Quan, Ms. Wang was knocked to the ground, the passengers get off to leave the scene. After the incident, Ms. Wang and colleagues were sent to a nearby hospital for treatment, because the male passengers a punch in the eye, Ms. Wang eye contusion, is still in hospital receiving treatment. At present, the Public Security Bureau Lianhu police station has been involved in the investigation of jujube. In this regard, Ms. Wang’s team leader Mr. Wei said, according to the flight attendants reflect, passengers often said they did not understand must wear seat belts, but he did not think there will be so passengers crew beaten. He called for the majority of passengers understand the work crew, after all, is to fasten the safety belt itself is responsible for passengers. China Daily reporter Zhang Chenglong

女乘务员因要求乘客系安全带 一拳被打倒在地  “要求系安全带不仅是出于对乘客安全考虑,也是客运站的要求,否则我们就会被罚款,谁知道乘客不但不理解还动手打人。”1月27日,一女乘务员因要求乘客系安全带被打,目前仍在医院接受治疗。  王女士是兴平到西安(高速)大巴车的乘务员。1月27日下午,王女士所在车辆准备从城西客运站出发前往兴平。大巴车出站前,王女士像往常一样嘱咐乘客系好安全带,并逐一检查。王女士发现一名男乘客没有系,就让他把安全带系上,可对方表示不愿意。王女士告诉对方这是客运站的要求,如果有乘客没系安全带,就会处罚相关车辆200元。可对方仍然不肯系。随后,王女士对这名乘客说,如果你不系安全带就交200元罚款,双方因此发生口角,矛盾升级,该男乘客一怒之下打了王女士一拳,王女士被打倒在地,该乘客则趁机下车离开现场。  事发后,王女士被同事送到附近医院治疗,由于被那名男乘客一拳打在眼睛上,王女士右眼挫裂伤,目前仍在医院接受治疗。目前,公安莲湖分局枣园派出所已经介入调查此事。  对此,王女士所在车队负责人魏先生表示,据乘务员反映,经常有乘客对必须要系安全带的要求表示不理解,但他没想到会有乘客因此殴打乘务员。他呼吁广大乘客理解乘务员的工作,毕竟系安全带也是对乘客自身负责。 华商报记者 张成龙相关的主题文章: