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In the "sad" Shenhua to reverse Shanghai Media: do the thorny roses – Beijing reporter Qin Dongying the first round of 6 to 2 victory over Shen Xin, Shenhua to win over the best start. Tonight, first away Shenhua will be staged in Yuexiu Stadium against Guangzhou R & F. Before the game, Guangzhou R & F official micro-blog released a "up, give you a flower just picked flowers!" Posters, the home court pick "Shenhua" determination shows between the lines. The "leader" to cool after a lapse of 1685 days, Shenhua again tasted the taste of the superior leader, that is not mad on Shenhua seems to come back again. When the media all praise for the team, we should see that the score is due to difference in strength between the two sides, the new lineup Shenhua is far from running in place. As coach Gillo said, he does not value a victory. After the game when players are immersed in the joy of victory, and coach Gilo has played the video game analysis group. Especially for the two goal, Gilo is again playback, seize the interpretation of every detail with his coaching team, analysis. Also, see the opponent can not just look at the game. Gilo told the staff, not only for Guangzhou R & F and Hangzhou Greentown’s first super video, also need the first two video game AFC Champions League bodied. Derby offensive war, is also test for the team. The R & F, will Gilo gourd sell what medicine? The last few days of training, a new tactical deployment team. From the team before the game came the good news: Greece and Australia have dual nationality defender Papadopoulos has recovered, and participated in joint training team. Papadopoulos is the Shenhua overseas tour of the main defender, his recovery stage, will greatly enhance the team’s defensive ability. "Wish to reverse Shenhua sadly, Guangzhou Fuli Yuexiu mountain home court, is regarded as the" sad cannot bear to think of the past". For the two consecutive season, there was a rather ugly Shenhua: 2013 is 2 more than 42014 years is 0 than 4, defenseless. How about the first round 6 to 2? And decimating the game will be the touchstone of new shenhua. As the Super League last season season to do the thorny roses in Guangzhou R & F team performed well in this year’s AFC Champions League League, Super League is the first round away 2 to 1 victory over Hangzhou greentown. Under coach CONTRA tune, the team showed a strong fighting force. Bodied in front with Hammond, Michel, Aaron, Jiang Ning, Wang Song and other players, many point of attack, will cause no small pressure on the Shenhua defence. The attack is the best defense. Enrique will continue to flash, will affect the trend of the game, he and Cahill’s "Kahn", has been paying off. Enrique also said in an interview: "Cahill on the pitch, the defender is a great restraint, can you help me out of space. Of course, this is just the first game we cooperate, in a relatively short time, and is not the most perfect." As for Cahill, he is a little erupt at any time, fans are looking forward to his goal of boxing corner flag picture. Through more than a year of blood play.

申花盼在“伤心地”反转 沪媒:要做带刺的玫瑰-中新网   本报记者 秦东颖   首轮6比2大胜申鑫,绿地申花赢来中超最佳开局。今晚,申花的首个客场将在越秀山体育场上演,对手是广州富力。赛前,广州富力官方微博发布了一张“上山吧,送你一朵刚摘的花!”主题海报,其主场摘“申花”的决心溢于言表。   “领头羊”需降温   时隔1685天后,绿地申花再一次品尝到了中超领头羊的滋味,那支不狂不放的申花似乎又回来了。当媒体把各种赞美之辞送给球队时,应该看到,大比分是双方实力差距使然,新申花的阵容也远没有磨合到位。   正如主教练吉洛所说,他并不看重某一场比赛的胜利。赛后当球员还沉浸在胜利的喜悦中,吉洛和教练组已经分析起比赛录像。尤其是对两个失球,吉洛更是一遍一遍地回放,抓住每个细节跟自己的教练团队分析、解读。同样,看对手也不能只看一场比赛。吉洛吩咐工作人员,不仅找来广州富力与杭州绿城的首场中超录像,还需要富力前两场亚冠比赛的录像。   德比进攻大战,也是对阵容的试验。对富力,吉洛的葫芦里又会卖什么药?最近几天的训练,球队战术上有了新部署。赛前从球队传出好消息:具备希腊和澳大利亚双重国籍的铁卫帕帕多普洛斯已经伤愈,并且参加了全队的合练。帕帕多普洛斯是申花海外拉练时的主力中卫,他的康复登场,将大大提高球队的防守能力。   “伤心地”盼反转   对申花而言,广州富力的越秀山主场,绝对算得上是不堪回首的“伤心地”。连续两个赛季,申花都在那里输得比较难看:2013年是2比4,2014年则是0比4,毫无招架之力。首轮6比2成色如何?与富力的比赛将是新申花的试金石。   作为上赛季中超联赛季要做带刺的玫瑰军,广州富力队在今年的亚冠联赛中表现不俗,中超联赛首轮也是客场2比1战胜杭州绿城。在主教练孔特拉的调教下,球队显示出相当强的战斗力。富力中前场拥有哈默德、米歇尔、阿隆、姜宁、汪嵩等好手,攻击点不少,将对申花的后防造成不小的压力。   进攻是最好的防守。恩里克能否继续闪光,将影响比赛的走势,他与卡希尔的“卡恩组合”,已经初显成效。恩里克在接受采访时也表示:“卡希尔在场上,对于对方的后卫是一种极大的牵制,可以帮我扯出空当。当然,这只是我们合作的第一场比赛,磨合的时间比较短,配合上还不是最完美的。”至于卡西尔,他是随时会爆发的一个点,球迷们都在期待他进球后拳击角旗杆的画面。   通过一年多的补血打造,申花逐渐恢复了生气。想冠军太遥远,球队还需要一场又一场的胜利,重新拾回王者的霸气。申花要做那带刺的玫瑰,富力想要摘?小心扎破手。相关的主题文章: