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"Aere" has been strengthened seriously affected the Guangdong Guangzhou daily news (reporter Guan Jiayu     correspondent Yue Shuixuan) reporter yesterday learned from the Guangdong provincial Fangzong, yesterday 15, "Aere" has intensified into a severe tropical storm, the South China Sea 17 when its center is located about 290 kilometers southeast of Hongkong, center near the maximum wind 10 (25 m / sec), have serious impact on the coastal waters of Guangdong. In order to cope with the threat of "Ai Li", 10 pm yesterday, the provincial flood control headquarters started windproof emergency response grade, and the defense held "Ai Li" video will be judged, the development trend of the typhoon, to further implement the deployment of wind work requires strict precautions. Experts pointed out that due to the influence of cold air, "Aere" future path and intensity changes are there is a big uncertainty, or mobile landing in Guangdong, northwest or southwest across the coastal waters of Guangdong, these two situations will give a serious impact on the eastern counties. Meeting the requirements, all localities and departments should fully understand the current defense work is facing various unfavorable factors, based on the typhoon landing the most unfavorable situation in Guangdong, to do the defense measures, to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, do the typhoon in Huilai to Shenzhen landing preparations. 8 ~10, the northern South China Sea, East Guangdong and the Pearl River Estuary sea level 8 ~10 strong winds; cities and counties in Guangdong Province, heavy rain to rainstorm. “艾利”已加强 严重影响广东   广州日报讯 (记者关家玉 通讯员粤水轩)记者昨日从广东省防总了解到,昨日15时,“艾利”已加强为强热带风暴,17时其中心位于香港东南方大约290公里的南海东北部海面上,中心附近最大风力10级(25米 秒),对广东沿海海域有严重影响。为应对“艾利”威胁,昨日10时,省防总启动防风Ⅳ级应急响应,并召开防御“艾利”视频会商会,研判台风发展态势,进一步部署落实防风工作,要求各地严密防范。   专家指出,由于受南下冷空气的影响,“艾利”未来路径和强度变化均存在较大的不确定性,或偏西北移动登陆广东、或偏西南横扫广东沿海海域,这两种情况都将给粤东市县带来严重影响。   会议要求,各地各有关部门要充分认识当前防御工作面临多方面的不利因素,立足台风登陆广东的最不利情况,切实做好各项防御措施,全力确保人民群众生命财产安全,做足台风在惠来到深圳登陆的准备工作。   8日~10日,南海北部海面、粤东和珠江口外海面有8级~10级大风;粤东市县有大雨到暴雨。相关的主题文章: