The PLA structure reform to India concerns sent mountain combat troops tight combat exercises-姉summer

The structural reform of the PLA has caused India to worry about the actual combat drills of the mountain strike forces in India: India military motor special reference network reported on February 9th that the Indian army’s mountain strike army ended its military exercise last month. The exercise focused on the recent changes in the structure and strategy of China’s armed forces, aimed at eliminating doubts about the formation of the mountain strike force. According to the "India express" website reported on February 8th, although the exercise (to participate in military exercises is being set up in the seventeenth Army) details are confidential, but sources said the troops showed the India army’s new army is moving in the direction of combat. Reported that in India’s defense minister Ma Lo Hal Carle Parry announced in May last year, the lack of financial resources may slow the pace of the formation of the mountain combat troops, people began to pay attention to this new unit. At the same time, army sources insisted that the troops were being formed as planned. The mountain strike corps headquarters is currently located in the capital of Jharkhand in Ranchi. An army senior official said, "we have not received any orders to delay the formation of the force. We will set up 250 headquarters and detachments for the unit, 75 of which have been established. Another 75 are being set up, and the remaining 100 will be completed by 2021 as scheduled." The seventeenth army will be the fourth strike force in India, but it is the first mountain strike army. It will consist of two infantry divisions, two separate infantry brigades, two independent armoured brigades and related auxiliary units. Reported that the formation of the seventeenth army decisions made by the cabinet Security Committee in July 2013, specifically from Arunachal Pradesh (I "Zangnan area" — the note) to the border of Ladakh in india. The cabinet Security Council has approved 640 billion rupees (1 dollars, about 67.8 India Rupees) for 8 years and enlisted 80 thousand soldiers to enter the force. But in addition, the Commission did not allocate additional funds to the troops in the budget. In addition to organizing the branch, the India government also approved plans to improve infrastructure in the Indo China border region, including railways, highways, logistics bases, advanced airports and communication networks linked to the front posts. However, due to various reasons, such as environmental approvals, land acquisition and local labor problems, these projects have been in a state of procrastination.

解放军结构改革令印度忧虑 紧派山地打击军实战演习 资料图:印度军队摩托特技   参考消息网2月9日报道 印媒称,印度陆军的山地打击军于上月结束了军演。此次军演聚焦于最近中国军队结构和战略的变化所可能引发的各种情况,旨在消除人们对组建这支山地打击军的疑虑。   据《印度快报》网站2月8日报道,虽然此次军演(参加军演的是正在组建中的第17军)的细节属于机密,但消息人士表示,该部队的表现证明这支印度陆军的最新部队正朝着实战化方向前进。   报道称,在印度国防部长马诺哈尔・帕里卡尔去年5月宣布财力不足可能会延缓这支山地打击军的组建步伐后,人们开始关注这支新部队。与此同时,陆军的消息人士却坚称,正在按照原计划组建这支部队。这支山地打击军的总部目前位于恰尔肯德邦的首府兰契。一名陆军高级官员说:“我们并未接到任何要求延缓组建该部队的命令。我们将为这支部队组建250个指挥部和分队,其中75个已组建完毕。另有75个正在组建中,剩下100个也将如期在2021年前组建完毕。”   第17军将是印度第四支打击军,但却是第一支山地打击军。它将包括两个步兵师、两个独立步兵旅、两个独立装甲旅和相关辅助部队。   报道称,组建第17军的决定由内阁安全委员会于2013年7月作出,专门针对从阿鲁纳恰尔邦(即我“藏南地区”――本网注)到拉达克的印中边境线。内阁安全委员会已批准在8年的时间里花费6400亿卢比(1美元约合67.8印度卢比)征召8万名士兵进入该部队。但除此之外,该委员会并未在预算中为组建该部队划拨额外资金。   报道称,除了组建这支部队外,印度政府还批准了改善印中边境地区基础设施的计划,包括铁路、公路、后勤基地、先进的飞机场和联系前方哨所的通信网络等。但由于从环境审批、征地到地方劳动力问题等各种原因,这些工程一直处于拖延状态。相关的主题文章: