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The blues for Terry at the old B will substitute the Gunners in the bat defender Vermaelen Chelsea [collection] 5-1 Milton Keynes promotion hats Oscar a Zal sports news February 1st Tencent broken shortage according to the Spanish daily sports newspaper "news, Terry announced after the end of the season following the departure of Chelsea (data) quickly began to look for the captain to stand in the transfer market on. It is reported that Chelsea is eyeing Barca (official data) Vermaelen, and the Belgians in the Premier League is not strange, let him become famous in the world of football is Arsenal (data) during the play well, especially one of the Premier League with a great reputation of the knife guards. Vermaelen after joining Barcelona injuries this season, he is still only a substitute player, currently only 6 appearances in La liga. But Vermaelen not only played halfback, can also play on the left back, this is very rare. In fact, Arsenal during the Belgian goal scoring ability is also good, 150 appearances, scoring 15 goals, for a defender, the efficiency is also good. Besides Vermaelen, Chelsea is also interested in another Spanish player Abdul Nur, the Tunisian people currently playing for Valencia in the summer of last year, Chelsea had to lend the olive branch, but the player chose to join the bat regiment. (Brooke) APP download and enjoy sports Tencent scan NBA, Premier League, Champions League, Super League and other mass events live video

蓝军寻特里替身盯枪手旧将 B计划蝙蝠军铁卫维尔马伦 【集锦】切尔西5-1米尔顿凯恩斯晋级 奥斯卡戴帽阿扎尔破荒 腾讯体育2月1日讯 据西班牙《每日体育报》消息,在特里宣布赛季结束后离队后,切尔西(数据)迅速在转会市场上开始物色队长的替身。据悉,切尔西盯上了效力巴萨(官网 数据) 的维尔马伦,而比利时人对于英超并不陌生,让他在世界足坛成名的正是效力阿森纳(数据 )期间的出色发挥,尤其是成为了英超赫赫有名的带刀侍卫。维尔马伦在加盟巴萨后饱受伤病困扰,本赛季,他也依然只能是替补球员,目前仅仅在西甲出场6次。不过维尔马伦不仅可以踢中卫,也可以客串左后卫,这一点非常的难得。其实在效力阿森纳期间,比利时人的进球能力也不错,出场150次,打入15球,对于一名后卫球员而言,这样的效率也不俗。除了维尔马伦外,切尔西也对另外一名西甲球员阿卜杜努尔感兴趣,这名突尼斯人目前效力瓦伦西亚,切尔西在去年夏天就曾经向其伸出过橄榄枝,不过球员最终选择了加盟蝙蝠军团。(Brooke)扫描下载腾讯体育APP 尽享NBA、英超、欧冠、中超等海量赛事视频直播相关的主题文章: