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UnCategorized We all need to drink from two to three liters of water each day because that is the amount that our bodies need. But because regular water makes us feel heavy, other than the fact that it does not taste good, we tend to skip drinking enough or forget and not even notice that we are already dehydrating. But, experts on alkaline water say that ionized alkaline water is very different from regular neutral water, they say that they are much more beneficial and easy to drink. Water Water is made up of H2O molecules. It also contains OH- and H+ ions in small amounts, which contribute to the alkalinity and acidity of the water. If more H+ ions are present, the water is acidic, if there are more OH-, it is alkaline, and if they are equal in amount, the water is neutral. Alkaline Water Alkaline water, also known as ionized water, among other names, is water that has a pH of around eight. It’s alkalinity, though, depends on the equipment used or the brand of the alkaline water. The pH of regular water is seven on the scale, which is the neutral number. And depending on where the water came from, some tend to be a little on the acidic side. Excess oxygen as well as alkaline minerals are abundant and found more in ionized alkaline water than neutral or regular tap water. Alkaline water is highly oxygenated and the oxygen is in the OH- form, which the cells in our body need. Other than an alkaline mineral that is bonded on each of those ions, water with pH of eight to ten, also contains zero acid elements and toxic substances. Benefits Drinking ionized alkaline water is claimed to be one of the best ways to hydrate, alkalize, and detoxify the body. Experts say that it is a very effective anti-oxidant as it can reverse aging by removing the toxins in the body. Aging, they say is a result of the accumulated acid waste or toxins. The ionized alkaline water can deeply penetrate in the tissues where these toxins are present to dissolve and eliminate them from the body. One acid waste, for example, the lactic acid, is insoluble in regular neutral water. But when ionized alkaline water is consumed, this acid waste very soluble now and thus, easily removed from the body. Other than the aging process, experts also claimed that it can help too on issues like losing weight, on some health conditions such as diabetes, on preventing cancer, skin conditions, among others. Other Uses Ionized alkaline water is also a very good sterilizing agent, so aside from its use as a drinking water, it can also be used to clean food and kitchen utensils; wash hands; sterilize minor wounds; and even used as fungicide for agricultural purposes, despite being harmless and beneficial to humans. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: