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Health Houston, a city built on oil and energy, faces uncertain times during this struggling economy. Although Houston has long been considered a land of opportunity, even setting the marker for the nation with 380,000 new jobs in five years and slowly building up local areas like Jersey Village, Aldine, Bellaire, Pear Landwill, Humble and Mission Bend, the economic crisis still hovers over the city like a cloud of smog. As recently as January 2009, the mayor of Houston acknowledged that the city will most likely be affected by the financial crisis, citing national forecasts on in.e that predict the "largest annual decrease since World War II". Although Houston’s economy is in better shape than many of the cities across the United States, this dire forecast has certainly added to the stress level of those workers living in Texas and simply trying to survive. Unfortunately, the stress this can have might greatly affect interpersonal relationships. The drastic ups and downs of the economy have changed the way many couples relate to one another. Stress and fear about money and stability can turn the spark of love into anxiety. Concerns about paying off bills, feeding the family and maintaining an enjoyable lifestyle can take away from the intimacy and positive interaction that should be maintained within a relationship. The lack of time spent together due to extra hours put in at the plant or office can easily foster an unhealthy environment where domestic abuse could begin to take place, resulting in a need for intervention. According to a February, 2009 report by USA Today, violence in the home is increasing along with our economic woes. USA Today reports that: "Calls to the National Abuse Violence Hotline have shot up during the recession" citing an autumn increase of almost 20% from where the calls were one year ago. This has been attributed to the economic crises facing the nation and the inability for many couples to handle the stressors it has placed on them personally and within their relationship. Fortunately, there are many qualified Houston therapists who can help in domestic abuse situations. Domestic abuse is defined as any time a person in the family, a partner or an ex-partner attempts to physically or mentally dominate the another person. If you believe you or someone you know is struggling with abuse, reach out to one of the many Houston counselors. Although physical abuse is easily identified through bruises and physical attacks, pinpointing the psychological damage caused by emotional abuse can be a bit more difficult. However, if you suspect you are a victim, your instincts are probably correct. Taking the time to meet with a local Houston counselor or Houston psychologist is critical, as ignoring the problem will only make it worse. Houston therapists and Houston psychologists have many programs to help those who are suffering from any form of abuse. There are helpful locations both downtown and in surrounding areas such as Sugar Land, Missouri City, Channelview and Pasadena. Whether meeting with someone privately or in a group setting, taking the steps to stop abuse the moment it starts happening is critical to maintaining a safe and healthy relationship. If you are considering reaching out for Houston therapy to help with your situation, the financial aspects are something to plan for but should not hold you back. Many centers that offer Houston counseling are free or need based. Plus, social resources such as the National Domestic Hotline 1.800.799.SAFE are free and can point you in the direction of those counseling Houston at a reduced rate. Although meeting with a Houston psychologist individually can be more expensive, there are also several offices willing to work within your budget. Do not rule out investigating individual Houston psychology until checking referrals on the lower priced options available. Several psychologists work on a sliding payment scale, offer social programs or are even covered by insurance. Don’t put off dealing with the problem. Remember, abuse can never be considered an acceptable behavior. Although it may seem easier to make excuses or to empathize with the abuser, physical and sexual violence is illegal, dangerous and should never be tolerated. Although emotional abuse is not classified as an illegal activity, it is still a major warning sign that your partner is suffering from psychological problems and eventually, could take that anger to another level. Plus, emotional abuse can cause mental trauma within the victim, so it’s critical to stop any signs of abusive behavior the moment they start. Don’t let domestic violence into your life. Reach out to one of the many Houston therapy resources and get yourself, your partner and your family the support and protection you deserve. Taking care of yourself is a key .ponent to bringing your best self to a mutually loving relationship. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: