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Internet-Marketing The cost to acquire new customers in your email marketing opt in efforts is well below the cost to retain the existing ones. To go one step further the cost and effort to convert an existing subscriber to your list to a loyal customer is much, much less than bringing them from the point of traffic to a paying customer. So, how can you retain your subscribers, slow down churn, and prompt them to upgrade their involvement with your process? Firstly you must realize that there is much .peting for the attention of your subscribers, and you must give them specific reasons to want to upgrade in your process and form close bonds with you, your .munications, and your offers. How can you cut through the white noise and distraction facing your audience and move from someone who emails them, up the value chain to a Trusted Advisor that they depend on for advice and solutions to their problems? First, offer value right up front at no charge, and remember have at least a 2 to 1 ratio of helpful content versus offers. Remember that while your content is helpful, it is building a whole picture for your audience that will naturally draw them down the road of involvement. Soon it will be.e clear to them why they need your advice and all the seeds you planted during your content will grow and blossom at the time offers are put forward. Remember that you are creating a learning environment, breaking down barriers, which will soon lead to the desire to buy. Sell them on the concepts and what needs to be done, and the benefits of setting up this structure. Again, do this through content and teaching. When they are sold on WHAT needs to be done, no real selling will be required on the offer .munication, it will be a simple and straightforward offer. If you’ve done your job right at that point, they will already be pre-sold on the value on offer, and why it’s an essential .ponent of the solution they need to do what they want to do. And, that’s why they’re there at the end of the day, to get real solutions to their specific problems. You may also be asking yourself how do I know what sort of education and solutions they are truly looking for? A wonderful way to find out is to simply ask. If you’re just starting you can send out a simple email and ask them what their top concern is in their business. If you’re a little more advanced you can setup a short online poll at Survey Monkey or PollDaddy. Remember to reward them for the help that they are giving you, with a small bonus when they respond. Then, cater your content and .munications around this. This strategy is great because it does two things at once, it allows you to accurately target your content and offers. It also creates a very receptive and buying-oriented environment that is personal and caring. Why not be different? Your customers will remember your name and appreciate you for a long time to .e! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: