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Sales-Management PMP exams might sound like a drag, especially when you feel as though you’re well settled in your new job as project manager at a medium-sized .pany with good potential for growth. However, education and training is never a waste, "if you don’t sharpen the axe’it will be.e blunt". To begin with, while work experience can give you the necessary skills to perform your professional tasks successfully, education can give you knowledge that can help you participate in the bigger picture of your organization and profession. Secondly, while work experience might sharpen your instincts, training and education can develop your mind, transforming you from just being another manager into a project management professional [PMP]. Someone capable of harnessing all the resources of an organization and creating profitable revenue for them! Bearing this in mind, the late night study and all those stressful things associated with taking PMP exams might well be worth it. And what better place to approach for help in studying for these very same PMP exams than a provider of education and training packages designed to help both the novice and seasoned project manager take the next step in their promising careers. Such an organization is PM Express. Through its brigade of trainers who have years of experience and expertise in project management, PM Express offers a number of well-received courses all over the world. These courses, whether individually, collectively, or as ‘custom-tailored curricula for organizations and corporations, provide the student a sound overview of the project management profession, while ensuring that the candidate for PMP exams leaves with a thorough theoretical and professional grounding of project management. In a recessionary world, where employers have abruptly be.e more risk-averse than they used to be, having that extra line on your resume showing that you have taken the trouble to acquire the PMP credentials could be the difference between making you a potential hire and the newest employee. It could also decide whether your bosses see you as merely a good worker or a higher-level candidate with leadership potential. The former is always dispensable; the latter, always needed, especially in an economy where new business has be.e the need of the hour. Ultimately, knowing that you have taken the trouble to acquire your PMP credential will mark you out as a professional with initiative, who is willing to take on challenges, and who will treat every job and assignment as a link in a larger chain of success. By choosing PM Express as your partner in your plan for career advancement, you are opening yourself to a world of knowledge and experience that would otherwise be unavailable to you. You are making yourself an exclusive recipient of wisdom from some of the top professionals in the field of project management. In other words, you are priming yourself for the status of top project management professional. If you’re looking for a provider of training services for PMP [or CAPM or PgMP] exam preparation, visit PM-Express. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: