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Investing Citi secured depository trust makes attaining safekeeping receipts easy. What are safekeeping receipts? Safekeeping receipts are receipts you are given when you ask an institution or bank to hold an asset. Why are safekeeping receipts important? Aside from the obvious proof that the asset belongs to you, there is also the chance that you can borrow against an asset that belongs to you, but you would be required to provide proof of ownership in the form of safekeeping receipts from the institution safeguarding your assets. Citi secured depository trust at offers an exceptional trust history, never having lost a customers assets, and they can provide their clients with safekeeping receipts. Other services that Citi secured depository trust offers aside from safekeeping receipts, are: authentication services for assets, evaluation services for assets, blocked asset letters and private asset loan services. Citi secured depository trust is a full-service financial asset company, providing so much more than safekeeping receipts. One of the biggest principles they operate on, is a foundation of trust. You can rest assured that if you entrust your assets to Citi secured depository trust in exchange for safekeeping receipts, that your assets are in good hands. Citi secured depository trust contracts with local banks, renting their vault space and providing you with secure third party safekeeping services. Safekeeping receipts are sometimes used in conjunction with government bonds and bank guarantees. Safekeeping receipts are often also helpful in real estate transactions and precious metal trusts. It is important when handling any matter such as this, that it be kept in strict confidentiality. You need to know that the company you entrust your assets to, and the company issuing you your safekeeping receipts is reliable, honest and in good standing with local banks and has no public record of mishandling. Just one improper filing or storage of your assets could be tragic for you, your family or your business. Citi secured depository trust provides safekeeping receipts and the safekeeping fee rates are based on three basic criteria. The criteria are: how much the asset is worth, the actual physical dimensions of the asset [if it applies] and length and other terms of service. In order to provide you with an accurate quote, these three criteria will be analyzed and then a quote given to you for your consideration. Citi Secured Deposits is committed to providing excellent services at rates that are affordable. If you have an asset you would like to have in safekeeping, and would like to receive safekeeping receipts, give Citi secured depository trust a call or visit them on their website at citisecureddeposit to learn more about their safekeeping receipts service and all the other financial and asset related services they offer. This is a company with excellent customer service, a long history of confidential and secure asset holding, and the ability to provide you with documentation about the value of your asset and safekeeping receipts. Contact them today with any questions you have about safekeeping receipts or services. For more information, visit citisecureddeposit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: