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Arts-and-Entertainment With the release of Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight Saga, there are many fans who are throwing parties and other events to celebrate. One thing you can do for your own event is make sure your fellow fans get fun gifts and Twilight party favors to take home with them as souvenirs. If you haven’t really planned a party before you may not know what to give your friends and on top of that you may not even be sure of what will great choices here are some great picks that can be a hit at your Twilight party. Favor bags and purses are now considered one of the must haves for any party. You have probably heard of major events like the Oscars or CD release parties where celebrities are given elaborate gift bags. You may not have the cash to buy put together a similar gift but you can get together a couple of small items and put them together in Twilight themed favor bags. You don’t have to do much just include some small favors such as candy, notebooks, pencils, or lip balm. Favor bags are an effective and affordable option that never goes out of style. Giving guest useful gifts are a big trend right now for party favors. A great option is Twilight themed mint tins. These are great because you can give your guests candy and mints in these unique packages and even after the candy is gone, they can be reused. This is a great gift to include in gift bags and in .bination with other party favors. You can get them with either the Twilight logo or with pictures of characters from the Movies. A great Twilight favor is Twilight themed candles and candle holders. These are great gifts because candles are be.ing more and more versatile and are very popular with girls and women at the moment. You can give scented candles, candles with picture of favorite characters, or candles shaped in well known shapes and themes from the Twilight Series. Candle holders can also be great pieces on their own that would last long after the candles are used. Twilight themed CD covers are another great choice for guests. The fit the cardinal rules of party favors by matching the Twilight theme of the party and also being useful. So instead of being just tossed aside when your friends and fellow fan’s go home the can use them on their favorite Twilight soundtrack CDs. You can also give standard items and Twilight Merchandise as party favors. Great choices are small posters of favorite characters, t-shirts, cups, and other items that have the Twilight logo. The theme once again is not something that is nice to look at but that a Twilight fan wear and use long after the party is done. These are tried and true picks that will be sure to be crowd pleasers at your event. Last but not least are Twilight themed electronic gadgets. You can add some fun and techy flair by ordering interesting items like twilight themed keychain flash lights, IPod covers, and other accessories. If you know where to look online you can find some great items that will be sure to catch the interest of your guests and make your party the talk of the season. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: