8 year old girl poor family illness, no money to treat the Mid Autumn Festival donated more than 2 y darren hayes

8 year old girl was born in a poor family had no money to cure the Mid Autumn Festival was donated 2 yuan – Beijing, 8 year old Weiyuan girl Meng Han Tang, 2 years old suffering from Wilms tumor in the right kidney, left kidney in June this year, only more than the severe hydrocephalus, follow-up treatment requires a large amount of treatment. Unfortunately, his father died last August suffering from bile duct cancer, its parent is four level of mental disabled patients, the mother and daughter had each other, did not take the cost of treatment…… Yesterday, a shopping mall in Chengdu City, mountain sheep, a home decoration design Engineering Co. Ltd. is a sale, but the sale is the refrigerator, color TV, air conditioning and other items. This is not the boss "work", but in order to help Tang Meng Han, Tang Han Meng yesterday for a total of 21429.5 yuan to raise money. The death of his father to let the mother and child in treatment of the plight of her father’s illness was found in March last year, the family did not have money for medical treatment, to pick their own Chinese medicine to eat, died last year in August." Tang Meng Han’s mother Zhu Yuqun said, the child’s father was working in a factory in Weiyuan County, after his death, the family only source is broken. Her father had 2500 yuan a month income, and now only a few hundred dollars a month at home government relief." The mother and daughter had each other, usually by the villagers and help for selling garlic dishes. And Zhu Yuqun is a four level of mental disability patients, sometimes sober, sometimes confused. Sensible and well behaved little Meng Han, only one kidney body. At the age of 2, she was removed from the right kidney because of a Wilms tumor. In June this year, she was found left kidney serious water, the need for surgery as soon as possible, to do surgery need more than 20 thousand dollars at home but never get it out. No way to find her father’s factory donated a little, relatives borrowed a little." Put all sorts of things together, finally raise together the operation fee. In August 15th, small Meng Han successfully completed the surgery, but the follow-up treatment costs a lot to let the mother and daughter in trouble. A little girl was donated 2 multi million yuan Weiyuan County Youth League staff Ms. fan, Han Meng soup of a situation is the earliest local Neijiang city volunteers association found that woman love, they sent volunteers to verify the child in the home, found the family really difficult. "Usually the mother and daughter lives by selling garlic dishes." Ms. Fan said, after verification, that the child will go to Chengdu cure, she and Chengdu high tech Zone in the volunteer corps, to help the family. The volunteer corps captain Hu Yongfang said: "this doll house condition is too poor, and now had the disease, we hope to be able to organize donation is helpful, hope she will be better soon." Ms. Fan said that after the situation at home, Tang Menghan, the local government has also carried out subsidies to the mother and daughter, but the disease does not allow the family to bear. Before the child’s mother only eat a meal, is to save money to the baby to see a doctor." As of 5 pm yesterday, after the volunteer corps and the Neijiang high tech Zone in the city’s love Volunteers Association jointly inventory, a total donation of 21429.5 yuan. Volunteers will be accompanied by the mother and daughter will raise funds deposited in the account for the follow-up treatment of children. After the illness, I want to go back to school, because the school相关的主题文章: