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9 Tips to make your wedding wedding looks out of the ordinary for many China newlyweds are more of a gathering of friends, eat a meal together finish. And watch a foreign wedding, will be more like a grand ceremony of life, but even in Europe’s wedding, will some of the same: oath, party, party…… In this era of the pursuit of individuality, so the same wedding seems to have been to seek a breakthrough. Give you the wedding bridesmaid or guests a limited colour theme wedding scene, the guests wore every kind of dress, when shooting the collective big photo seemed a bit too misfits. If you feel a little color to the guests custom theme is too difficult to achieve, can give a unified bridesmaids, flower color! This is the most harmonious wedding photo shoot. Kate Moss prepared a wedding bouquet of flowers bride before marriage to consider something is too much, from the wedding, wedding shoes to decorate the wedding bride seem to be worried about things, too many fine things, the bride is more likely to ignore some small details, such as hand bouquet. In fact, holding flowers is an important part of the wedding, the bride now many are keen to choose fleshy styles, in addition to the forest with wild color flavor is excellent. Prepare a bouquet of retro elements to your wedding for a vintage car or carriage or vintage motorcycle can make your wedding become out of the ordinary. Especially in the wedding photography, these elements of "bigger" leverage drops have? Retro elements of the national culture into the wedding for the bride wedding Chinese, one of the most important Huanmo is to prepare a set of Chinese style wedding dress. For many southern bride, Chinese style wedding dress is the theme of the wedding, they will put on every kind of gold. For minorities, if you do not put their own culture into the wedding, it will be a pity. National elements to prepare their own a modified face hairstyle as the saying goes, the Buddha by gold loaded by hair, hair is definitely a good half of your wedding success. Many of the bride will be on the every kind of Xian Fan children hair or hair down, but I have to tell you, this hairstyle looks really like a nest like OK at the wedding? Try to have her hair toss a bit is king. The right hairstyle to prepare an unconventional dress whether you want to prepare for the Chinese wedding or pure western style wedding, a short dress is essential, after all, young people like party ah! If you had a long skirt hi words is a bit too hypocritical? Short dress wedding ring in addition to outside jewelry you want to make your wedding more attention, gorgeous jewelry is essential. A necklace and a pair of earrings to decorate the wedding is enough, decorate the wedding jewelry is not much is enough suction eye. The Department of pastoral veil, an exquisite headdress jewelry romantic wreath…… Every kind of headdress absolutely can make the bride eye, but don’t pick their favorite light;相关的主题文章: