95 boys play live after the college entrance examination into Wanghong two months to earn 150 thousa ca1805

95 boys play live after the college entrance examination into Wanghong two months earned 150 thousand has 190 thousand fans, the highest number of online live 280 thousand, watching the number of more than one million, with a unique style of humor, attracted Jia Nailiang, Ge Yunjie and other stars send gold watch…… The "live" network red anchor named Han Zhiheng, pure 95. Just went through the college entrance examination in 2016, with 505 points of liberal arts achievements, was admitted to the Shenyang University School of economics. September 1st, Han Zhiheng arrived in Shenyang, ready to report to the University, the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter rushed to the railway station, an exclusive interview. After the college entrance examination attracted 6000 spectators play live broadcast when seeing Han Zhiheng, he is the appointed time arrived half an hour earlier. He was a casual outfit, full of students. And live in the lively play strange is not the same, Han Zhiheng himself a shy face, from time to time bow, embarrassed to smile. Why talk when the anchor, Han Zhiheng said is "unintentional". After the college entrance examination, feel bored at home. He is in the mobile phone to download broadcast software, sleepwalk began to live." Han Zhiheng said, he is a June 11th Premiere of the time. After the opening of the live, I feel very excited, did not expect a lot of people watching." Han Zhiheng introduction, to comment on the concentration of users to ask is how old you, where to go to school, which people, and so on, he has a serious answer, but also to publish their own QQ number. Because the audience continued, the first broadcast of 4 hours, the audience close to 6000 people. To his surprise, he was pushed into a hot spot for the first time". After the live broadcast, Xiao Han found that more than 1 thousand people added his Q number. "I really added more than one thousand fans. We are very sincere, I hope to continue to live." Listen to friends, then Han Zhiheng opened the live. Live 6 hours a day, do not want to talk live from June 11th to August 31st, Han Zhiheng, an average of about 6 hours a day, a month broadcast time of 188 hours. Live for 2 months on the rest of the past 2 days. "In fact, really tired! Rest time completely disrupted." Han Zhiheng said, but he chose to adhere to the user. "Although the anchor has been 2 months, but before the broadcast will be a little nervous." Xiao Han said, because it is necessary to consider the contents of the chat, how hot field in order to retain the audience. "Live content is mainly about some humorous little piece, put some songs." He said why netizens love, Han Zhiheng summed up the three characteristics: his own accent, funny; don’t look ugly, pleasing to the eye; care enough dedication. On the sowing period, from 2 months down, 177 cm tall young Han, weight dropped to 110 pounds or less, often miss meals, will be broadcast late. Every day after the live broadcast, Han Zhiheng tired of a word do not want to say. "It seems like I’ve been told that I don’t want to say a word." Han Zhiheng said with a smile. Harvest real powder in the future he would like to take two months, Han Zhiheng as long as the live, will be on the hot". Online number one hundred thousand, ranging from one million. "What does it feel like?" Listen to the reporter’s questioning, Xiao Han immediately Baishou said: "I am not the red net. Quite ordinary." Han Zhiheng)相关的主题文章: