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A bite of Dongpo’s braised pork moon cake to the old Hangzhou speak of its stories in September 15th, mid autumn festival. It’s time to eat moon cake every year. Every time this period of time, moon cake, it became a net red vocabulary. From the black has been the five Jen moon cake, baked crayfish to the wonderful moon cake, moon cake taste tricks. In September 13th, the Alibaba technicians using loopholes in the technology to grab the moon cake results fired, is the "moon cakes" pushed in the teeth of the storm. There are hundreds of years old moon cake, certainly did not expect that their attention will be so high. In order to compete for a place in the moon cake industry, moon cake factory are also broken heart. According to incomplete statistics, there are three or four in Hangzhou have a hundred years of moon cake brand, the day before, the reporter visited one of the two "old" – Yixiangzhai and five taste and. Here, there is an old Hangzhou all the memory of a moon cake for a century. Old moon cake Master 3 years to start Yixiangzhai and five and the two are time-honored, Guangxu years started in Hangzhou. A road from the stadium, to the northeast, the Shenjiahu Hangzhou high speed for about 40 minutes, time-honored "processing factory and the five" here. Founded in eight years Guangxu (1882) and the five taste, has a history of 134 years. Welcome to us, is the five taste and national senior pastry chef Zhao Jiaqin. With only the memory of this generation of artists, he and we talked about the story of more than 30 years. Don’t look now all kinds of moon cake gift boxes piled up, often eat moon cakes. In the past, eating moon cake is not an easy thing. Because the output is low. Zhao Jiaqin said, at that time, do moon cakes are handmade with a mold. A master of the moon cake with a mold for 10 hours of continuous work, can only do a total of 50 pounds of Cantonese style moon cake, about 300. The last century in 80s, although the mold is still handmade, but because of the division of labor lines, on average, a person can do 6 hours of 1200. Master Zhao said that these molds are experienced carving master to do, fine lines, excellent workmanship. Carving master brain hole, to design a variety of a powerful and unconstrained style pattern. It is not a simple thing to have a moon cake master. "I’ve been studying for 3 years, and my master made me the first moon cake. The first year, and even face not only help to draw a master. 3 years, the formulation, technology, rely on the master apprentice of word of mouth, repeatedly pondering." Master Zhao said, the older generation of moon cake craft, if there is what talent, it is able to endure patiently. Before the moon cake to the oil to be sweet or to be complained of the moon cake production soared in the 90s of last century, the full mechanized production line on the line, 8 hours can produce a total of 30 thousand Cantonese style moon cake. Moon cake mold, retreat, become the bottom of the display. Similarly, the change is the taste and weight of moon cakes. Several teachers have said that before the lack of food and oil, so Hangzhou people eat moon cake is more sweet than it is now. Of course, the main reason is that sugar is high, not easy to rot, good preservation. "Yuan Jianghua Yixiangzhai" director, told us a joke: "on the moon in 2008, in order to make cakes to eat healthier, we adjust the ratio of ingredients, reduce oil.相关的主题文章: