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A "giant" top CG dynamic technology is catching more action capture emotions — Shenzhen channel — people.com.cn original title: "a giant" top CG dynamic technology is catching more emotional action internationally renowned movie master Steven caught? Directed by Spielberg, won the eighty-eighth best supporting actor Oscar Mark Lyons starred in the fantasy adventure film "a giant", in October 14th by IMAX 3D, 3D, 2D etc. all standard national release. The film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s best-selling novel "global? BFG", in the Spielberg directed, real and green screen seamless blend, CG technology and the perfect combination of virtual collaborative photography, let this story happened in 1982 is finally showing an amazing fantasy world. Oscar, the two giants escort behind the VFX team had a hand to create a powerful many classic film series, have won the two Oscar Award for International director Spielberg, and won the eighty-eighth best supporting actor Oscar, who plays "BFG" Mark? In the lens, two giant Oscar second times together, first of all for the film provides a high level of quality. The film was released on July in North America, again for the two giants of cooperation, the audience highly, "director Spielberg once again surprise, in the lens once again the Spielberg film to a new height". In addition, more people comment on "a" giant "coming to our demonstration, how will the actor’s performance and visual effects combine to create a stunning movie role, can get high reputation so many, in addition to the two Oscar giant escort, most people can not be ignored a movie is behind the production team weta digital, past works include the Oscar winning film" the Lord of the rings "" King Kong "," Afanda "and so on. At the same time, the team also completed Paul? "After the death of Walker Paul in the fast and the furious 7" image digital synthesis effects behind. Brought together so many of the top team, "a giant" in the domestic release, can not help people look forward to! The world is catching the giant restore delicate movements more emotional movie "dream catch giant" story around the orphanage girl Sophie, and the giants in the world different from other giant "BFG". Two people in the fight against bad giants join hands to protect the human world fantasy adventure, Sophie’s "BFG" is sometimes like a timid "child", and "BFG" in the eyes of Sophie is a brave "giant". Two people from different worlds of the protagonist’s encounter, the collision of an unexpected emotional spark. Many of the films produced by the use of high technology are easy to ignore the delicate feelings of the characters. Turning to the image of the giant as well as emotional processing, starring Rirans said, the giants, both from the image to the language, are a new creation. How to through the high-tech annotation ability, the giant world more exquisite show, the giant roles become more true to life, and between the giants and Sophie emotion portrayed more close to the heart, is the biggest challenge in the film, but also the shadow)相关的主题文章: