A homeless man posing as a multimillionaire, a Hefei woman led by an invisible married couple www.jlxw.cn

Vagrant millionaires posing as a unit of Hefei female leaders hidden marriage and cohabitation of man posing as an enterprise of Lu’an city’s millionaires, in line with the Hefei female leaders attached to a unit, the female leaders sun really married to conceal the identity of the man and Liu Hua cohabitation rent in Hefei. Cohabitation is not long, Sun Zhen found his friends, Liu Hua is a "drug addicts suck repeatedly repeat offenders". In October 31st, Sun Zhen, who was in the Yao temple in Hefei, came to the police station to report her boyfriend’s drug abuse. The police rushed to the scene to take Liu Hua away and found out that Liu Huaque was a man with deep addiction to drugs and was not a multimillionaire. Two months ago, Sun Zhen met a middle-aged man through the WeChat group. Through the chat, the man named Liu Hua, an entrepreneur in Lu’an, sitting on tens of millions of assets. Liu Zhen said, although he has been married, was Liu Hua’s humorous and witty attracted two people in the online dating, and met last month. Liu Zhen said after the meeting, Liu Hua said he intended to often come to Hefei, Sun Zhen took Yao temple in Hefei to rent a room for two people dating. Sun Zhen said, recently, family travel, he has a lot of time, and Liu Hua has become a cohabitation relationship. What she didn’t expect was that, as she got along with her, she found out that she had been in the toilet for a long time. When she went to the bathroom a few days ago, she deliberately rushed in and was surprised to find that Liu Hua was taking drugs in the toilet. On the same day, Liu Hua said drug abuse is because of pressure, will say quit drug addiction. Liu Zhen believed, but in October 31st, she found again that Liu Huaduo was taking drugs in the toilet. She told the police. After the alarm, the area police station rushed to the scene to take Liu Hua Liu Hua, after a urine test, urine test results were positive, truthfully confessed his drug abuse. Police said, after Sun Zhen this report, Liu Hua’s drug abuse convictions have been implicated, "he is unemployed, not a multimillionaire."." 1 morning, the reporter learned from the district police, Liu Hua has been in administrative detention by the police. (all characters are aliases)

无业游民冒充千万富翁 合肥一单位女领导隐婚与其同居   男子冒充六安市某企业的千万富翁,在网上与合肥一家单位的女领导结缘,女领导孙真隐瞒已婚身份,与男子刘华在合肥租房同居。同居没多久,孙真发现自己交友不慎,刘华是一个屡吸屡犯的“瘾君子”。 10月31日,租住在合肥姚公庙的孙真来到辖区派出所举报男友吸毒,民警赶到现场将刘华带走调查,发现刘华确是一个毒瘾很深的男子,根本不是千万富翁。   两个月前,孙真通过微信群,认识了一名中年男子。通过细聊得知,该男子名叫刘华,是六安市的一个企业家,坐拥千万资产。刘真说,虽然自己已有家室,还是被刘华的风趣幽默和睿智吸引,两人在网上打得火热,并且在上月见了面。刘真说,见面后,刘华表示自己打算常来合肥,孙真就自作主张在合肥姚公庙租了个房,以供两人私下约会。   孙真说,近段时间家人出差,自己有大把时间,就跟刘华发展成了同居关系。令她没想到的是,随着相处时间越长,她发现刘华上厕所时间格外长,几天前,刘华上厕所时,她故意“闯”了进去,吃惊的发现刘华正在厕所里吸毒。当日,刘华表示吸毒是因为压力大,表示会戒掉毒瘾。刘真相信了,但在10月31日,她再次发现刘华躲在厕所里吸食毒品。忍无可忍的她向警方举报。   接警后,辖区派出所民警迅速赶到现场带走刘华,经尿检,刘华尿检结果呈阳性,如实供述了自己的吸毒行为。民警称,经孙真这一举报,刘华的吸毒前科也被牵连出来,“他是无业游民,并不是千万富翁。”1日上午,记者从辖区警方获悉,刘华已被警方行政拘留。(文中人物均为化名)相关的主题文章: