A Multi Purpose Blogging Engine By WordPress To Easily Manage Your Website-jessica rabbit

Web-Development We often .e to a term called BLOG and BLOGGING and think too much or mostly get confused about it. This is because most of the Blog systems available are either too .plicated to manage. Also the management section is not so appealing. Here we want to introduce a blog engine which is most powerful and easiest to manage the content you publish as a post. WordPress installation is very easy and takes around 3 minutes to install and configure. WordPress, a multi tasking Blog engine has very nice, clean, catch and appealing content management section. A feature rich HTML (YSIWYG) editor helps you format the content for your web pages. WordPress has a Media Management section where you can manage your Images, Videos, and Files easily to use within or outside your Blog. Also it has a Links section where you can publish your other websites or related websites to your Blog on any of your Blog page. A page management section makes it possible for you to publish the information pages with formatted text, images, videos and almost every type of content you think of publishing within pages. WordPress is a true Web 2.0 Blog Engine helps people to post .ments on your blog. WordPress has a modular development methodology and is easily configurable with widgets management feature. A huge WordPress .munity of 6706 Plug-in, 995 Templates (Theme Design), and 2842 Ideas helps you Setup and Manage your blog website easily. To start with you can find thousands of WordPress Themes for free just like any other Open Source product available on the internet. It has got trouble-free user management section where you can manage all your registered users at one place. An easy Import-Export feature is available to speed up the work. And last but not least, if you want to upgrade your WordPress website to a newer version, just click one button and there you are with a new version. Now WordPress is also available as a one click installation in mostly all Hosting Provider who uses Fantastico like application management software. Creating new Design and editing the same in WordPress is easy with the inbuilt template editor. Alongside WordPress Customization is as easy as writing about self. Above all, WordPress is all FREE and can be used as multiple types of websites like Blog, Content Management System, e.merce Website and more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: