A new cold air hit the lowest temperature may be only 10 degrees-pullip

A new cold air coming tomorrow may only minimum temperature of 10 DEG C new cold air tomorrow struck into a late autumn, cold air as fair like one. Reporter yesterday learned from the Shanghai Meteorological Center, and a cold air coming tomorrow, the largest temperature will drop to 16 degrees Celsius, but Tuesday weather. Affected by cold air, the temperature of the city yesterday hit its lowest level since October 1st, Xujiahui is the lowest 13.9 degrees, the minimum temperature is only 10.9 degrees Celsius in Chongming. Today midnight Shanghai is overcast with light rain, maintain Tomorrow rain weather, please prepare to go out in the rain gear, temperature 14-17 degrees, the wind increased, north wind 4-5, gust 6 level in the Changjiang estuary. A stream of cold air is moving south, starting in November 1st is expected to affect the city, then the temperature will drop further. Among them, the morning of November 2nd is relatively low, the minimum temperature may be only 10 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature is only about 16 degrees celsius. However, the temperature will rise slightly later, the maximum temperature is expected to rise to 20 degrees near the weekend. Starting on Tuesday, the city transferred to high pressure control, will usher in 4-5 days cloudy weather. Hot news: the Wuzhong Road line now began to levy plans to start in 2017, the Shanghai Pingliang west block of the old final complete lasted 11 years, involving 17 thousand households in Baoshan third parks built next year greening area of over 260 thousand square meters of 17 Shanghai mountains in Western Zhejiang lost tour pal including 4 German students in Pudong bus suddenly out of control into the opposite lane to 3 dead 1 injured (Figure) weather forecast: Shanghai today rain a minimum of 14 degrees to 11 degrees temperature on Wednesday相关的主题文章: