A new generation of lacrosse in Beijing City show good figure-zghd

A new generation of lacrosse in Beijing City show good figure Beijing time on August 30th, a new generation of lacrosse media depth test – Beijing Railway Station perfect ending, this event led by SAIC GM, China Unicom from Pu Hao thick, approaches the nest, the drum tower, Deshengmen, finally arrived at the 798 Art Zone, Show, Xiangche beauty, the media during the coffee meet the eye everywhere.     as the saying goes, the armed forces did not move, forage first, a voice command, heroes full scene ~   the players all eager for a fight, eager.   remote engine start, the whole system comes standard with automatic start stop, ETRS electronic gear, BOSCH 9.1 version of ESP, Jetion OnStar 4G mobile phone LTE, ANC mapping, active noise reduction, shift paddles, cruise control, keyless entry and a key start…… And this black pedestrian recognition technology, the configuration of the temptation, are the basis of lacrosse self-confidence, a perfect show to prepare too much, new generation Lacrosse has 2.0TSIDI intelligent direct injection turbocharged +6 engine speed gearbox DSS intelligent start stop for the big show escort.   blue sky player – a new generation of     Lingling tower under the enchanting smiles, show beauty.   beauty beauty mainly depends on her thigh, (new generation Lacrosse) using the second generation CDC full time active hydraulic damping system, sensor shock absorber with 100 times per second, the frequency of monitoring the working state of shock absorber, in order to determine the pavement state and adjusts the reduction of vibration damping, ensure excellent damping property and handling.     a beauty Marie, and four 9   the perfect combination of technology and art   But-; this great scholar has just begun ~ please pay attention to a new generation of Buick lacrosse, details of the activities can consult the local dealer.相关的主题文章: