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Hi! This is Dr. Barry Lycka, Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist. I’m so glad to be writing articles for you about some of the newest advances in the world of beauty and cosmetic surgery. In this article I share the conversation highlights I had with Dr Joel Schlessinger, board certified dermatologist & cosmetic surgeon and founder of the LovelySkin website. We are talking today about the use at home laser hair removal devices, that work with dark or tanned skin, and one in particular called the MeSmooth. The biggest issue with laser hair removal has been that we needed to have very light, certainly not even tanned skin to use the devices and also to have dark hair for the devices to work. A device called the MeSmooth solves this issue and is designed for people with very dark skin, such as African American or Native American, then they can use this device and it doesn’t cause scarring. Previous problems with these type of low energy devices was that if the energy levels were too low, then they actually stimulated hair growth rather than removing it. This device doesn’t seem to suffer from that problem because it has the right kind of energy using Intense Pulsed Light plus Radio Frequency to work on the hair. People like the results with the Me Smooth, they are able to use it in the summer time if they have tanned skin and it gets a 5 star rating on Lovely Skin from customers. Q: Are these devices a viable replacement for in-office treatments from a doctor? Many people find the device to be most effective on smaller areas such as on their lips and underarms with good success. It can be used on larger areas but be.es a little tedious requiring 10 to 15 minutes on an arm or leg. Although it isnt as effective as the equipment used in the doctors office, many people use it and like it. Q: Does the MeSmooth device offer permanent hair reduction? Yes. We have received some very positive reviews & results to show that it does indeed offer permanent hair reduction. The Tria device also offers the same levels of permanency. It is re.mended to have 8 to 12 treatments, used 1 to 2 weeks apart to result in permanent hair reduction. Clinical trials results show this. And what about in between office based laser hair reduction sessions? We find that in between office-based sessions (typically every 6 to 8 weeks) there will be ‘stragglers’ what we call the hairs that pop up. At-home laser hair removal devices are excellent for dealing with those hairs in between office based laser hair removal sessions. What are the differences with newer devices that use red & blue light? Light-based sources seem to turn on the energy systems of a cell and amongst other things, allow the cell to secrete collagen which makes skin look better over time. There are exciting thoughts developing which by knowing which lights, energies and .bination of devices to use we will be able to treat a wider variety of conditions with them. Blue light is most often used for acne treatment right now and can take care of bacteria on the face fairly efficiently. Red light devices are generally being used to treat skin aging/photo-aging problems. For example, the red light tends to help people with rosacea, blood vessels, red tones and also a bit with skin aging. Although the red light devices offer the mildest results, Dr Lycka finds that they help to resolve bruising after some laser treatments and they are also being used to help treat wounds and scars. Cosmecuticals That Rejuvenate The Skin Cosmecuticals are a group of products that actually rejuvenate the skin and its a term used to represent a product that is not just a cosmetic but which acts on the skin. There has been a revolution in the products available and so we are going to discuss the ones that lighten and rejuvenate the skin. Q: What cosmeceutical products help lighten the skin and what are your favorite formulations, Dr Schlessinger? Well it depends upon what patients actually want. For example, if a patient says they want the strongest product and they dont care if it contains medication (and are not planning on getting pregnant) then there is no better product than those which contain 4% hydroquinone, such as the Obagi range or a couple of others. There is no better product for brown spots as 4% hydroquinone; it remains the gold standard for skin lightening. There has been some ‘red flags’ raised about hydroquinone but when its included in a product such as Obagi or Vivio they make a significant difference and work very well. Over the last 6 years the FDA have been looking at the use of hydroquinone but haven’t .e up with anything specific other than not to use it on pregnant women. They are very concerned over the use of hydroquinone at higher percentages than 4% because at higher percentages it can cause the weird situation whereby it actually causes skin to get darker rather than lighter, known as Okranosis. In general, people love the over-the-counter products for skin lightening and have no problems. Q: What are other products you like for rejuvenating skin? Vitamin C in products helps to rejuvenate the skin and stimulate collagen. It is a real workhorse for skincare and nothing bad can be said about it! It is tried and true over many, many years. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant to treat skin sun damage but also as a protection from sun skin damage. It helps to protect and rejuvenate and helps with moisturizing as well. There have been newer versions to .e along such as Reactive, an antioxidant serum that has 15% Vitamin C plus Vitamin E .bined with a product that helps to get the vitamins into the skin more effectively. Final Thoughts To Remember Though many of these items will .plement what you get in the doctors office, they are not meant to .pletely replace in-office treatments. They provide an excellent supplemental treatment to help people get the best possible out.es from work done with their cosmetic doctor/dermatologist. They enable people to improve their skin to be the best that it can be without the need to go to the doctor for minor touch ups. Be sure to check out some of the excellent product on the Lovely Skin website and a big thanks to Dr. Schlessinger for taking the time to speak with us! The lovelyskin website has been a fore-runner of selling products online, with an excellent reputation, offering dermatologist re.mended advanced skin care products and use at home skin care devices. It has been set up to help people who cannot buy items in their local area, and currently offers over 10,000 products from around 250 manufacturers. I look forward to connecting with you and if you have any questions for me on cosmetic surgery procedures, liposuction, skin cancer, scars and skin care, then please contact me via any of the methods listed in the ‘About The Author’ box below, ask your question, (it goes directly to me) and I will be back with a private answer for you ! And keep looking out for more articles featuring cosmetic surgery & skin care advice, scar treatments and the latest in cosmetic procedures. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: