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Marketing You want to start a home business, and you have some ideas. Unfortunately, startup capital is an issue. You dont have the cash or the credit available to plunk down hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get your baby off the ground. Does that mean that you should give up your dream of owning and operating a successful home business? In a word, no. There are hundreds of home business opportunities out there for people who have very little cash on hand to start up. In this article, I am going to focus on two specifically. Both are cheap to start, have large in.e potential, and are viable options, even in a recession. With an economy like this, that is the best .bination of ingredients you can have for starting a successful home business. The first on my list is one that many think have been overdone; Ebay. The truth of the matter is that there are thousands of people making a lot of money on Ebay. They are selling everything from books to scrap jewelry. It doesnt really matter what you have on hand, it is likely you can find a market for it on the worlds largest online auction. The biggest contributor to your success is to make sure that you list your item(s) in such a way that they are set apart. Multiple and clear pictures, accurate titles and descriptions for your listings, and perhaps consider spending a little more to make your items featured listings. Also, dont underestimate the importance of good feedback. If you are new to Ebay, it is advisable to build up some good feedback as a buyer to inspire confidence in your potential customers. Some of the most successful home business owners today made their fortunes on Ebay. A second low startup cost home business that can be hugely successful in this economy is as a resume builder/writer. Almost ten percent of the population is unemployed, and many of those who have jobs are working below their skill and education level. If you have basic writing skills and a .puter and printer, you are already set. Simply print out some flyers and/or business cards and get the word out. One of the best places to advertise is at your local employment center. Most have bulletin boards that you can tack your ads to for free. That will put you front and center when people are looking for job opportunities. Most of them are going to want to set themselves apart from the other job searchers out there. Remind them in your ad that a great resume can do just that, and wait for the calls to .e in. Those are just two of the many home business opportunities available for people who want to take responsibility for their own success. With their almost nonexistent startup costs and overhead, there is really no excuse not to give one (or both) of them a try. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: