A total of 1325 fires occurred in Nanjing before October, resulting in 13 deaths ravbin

Before October, Nanjing total of 1325 fires caused 13 people were killed in November 8th, modern express reporter learned from the Nanjing fire brigade was informed that in 2016 1 to October, 1325 fires occurred in the city, killed 13 people, injured 4 people, the direct property loss of more than 1260 yuan, not larger and more fire accidents. Compared with the same period in 2015, they were decreased by 4.2%, 40%, 88.89% and 15.91% respectively. From the point of fire place, the fire of residents’ houses is the first place in the fire place. Now enter the winter, is a fire prone period, the fire department to remind the general public, attention must be paid to the common safety problems in daily life, in order to avoid trouble". Analysis of residents of the housing has become the most fire places it is reported that this year the fire, the fire from the fire place, houses a total of 566, accounting for 42.71% of the total number of fire; secondly, the public place fire since 272, accounting for 20.52% of the total number of fire; fire vehicles 171, accounting for 13% of the total plant, the fire site; 81 fires, although the fire accounted for only 6.11% of the total, but caused direct property loss of the total loss of the number of 22.56%, indirect loss and social influence and caused great. Compared with the same period in 2015, the traffic fire increased slightly, and the other places fire decreased slightly. From the analysis of the fire accident of the dead, 12 dead fires occurred in the community and the residents’ home. Four aspects of data need to focus on prevention of the modern express reporter learned that the current community fire safety hazards has become the key to risk vigilance and prevention, which mainly includes four aspects: 1. Electrical: since this year, electric fire accounts for 41.5% of the total amount of fire, overload, electrical fault, short circuit and so on are the causes of electrical fire. 2. Gas: this kind of accident is increasing year by year, this year has occurred 25, resulting in more than 50 people injured. 3. Electric bicycle: since the beginning of this year, 21 electric bicycle fire accidents, direct economic losses of nearly one million yuan. The main reasons are the quality problems of electric bicycles, improper use of users, unauthorized modification and illegal charging. 4. Rental housing: since this year, the city has nearly 100 housing rental fires, of which 3 people died of fire, resulting in 4 deaths. The rental housing, especially the group renting house, has many fire hazards, and it is more common for the residents to use fire and electricity illegally. Don’t remind private pull random access line in winter is a period of multiple electrical fire, the fire department to remind the general public, not private pull random access of electrical lines and equipment and replace the old line in time. At the same time, pay attention to gas safety, to develop before and after the use of check valves, switches, the use of timely closing habits. In addition, the use of electric vehicles in the process, not without the approval of the original vehicle equipped with lead-acid battery to replace the lithium battery, or the use of non original charger charging and fast charging equipment. (South Xuan Wang Rui)

前10月南京共发生火灾1325起 致13人丧生   11月8日,现代快报记者从南京消防支队获悉,2016年1至10月,全市共发生火灾1325起,死亡13人,受伤4人,直接财产损失1260余万元,未发生较大及以上火灾事故。与2015年同期相比,分别下降了4.2%、40%、88.89%、15.91%。从起火场所来看,居民房屋类火灾居起火场所之首。眼下进入冬季,也是火灾多发期,对此消防部门提醒广大市民,一定要注意日常生活中常见的安全隐患,以免“惹火上身”。   分析   居民房屋成为最易起火场所   据悉,今年以来火灾情况,从起火场所来看,居民房屋类火灾共发生566起,占火灾总数的42.71%;其次,公共场所火灾272起,占火灾总数的20.52%;交通工具火灾171起,占火灾总数的13%;厂房、工地火灾81起,虽仅占火灾总数的6.11%,但造成直接财产损失占总损失数的22.56%,且造成的间接损失和社会影响较大。   与2015年同期相比,交通工具类火灾小幅上升,其余各类场所火灾有小幅下降。从亡人火灾事故分析,12起亡人火灾全部发生在社区、居民家里。   数据   四个方面需重点防范   现代快报记者了解到,眼下社区消防安全隐患已经成为需要重点警惕和防范的风险,其中主要包括四个方面:   1。电气:今年以来,电气火灾占火灾总量的41.5%,过负荷、电器故障、电线短路等均是诱发电气火灾的原因。   2。燃气:此类事故呈逐年上升趋势,今年已发生25起,造成50余人受伤。   3。电动自行车:今年以来,电动自行车火灾事故发生21起,直接经济损失近百万元。主要原因为电动自行车质量问题、用户使用不当、擅自改装以及违规充电等。   4。出租房:今年以来,全市发生出租房火灾近百起,其中3起亡人火灾,造成4人死亡。出租房尤其是群租房火灾隐患多,居住人员违规用火用电较为普遍。   提醒   别私拉乱接电气线路   冬季是火灾多发期,消防部门特别提醒广大市民,不私拉乱接电气线路,及时更换老旧线路和设备。同时,注意燃气安全,养成使用前后都要检查阀门、开关,使用后要及时关闭的习惯。   此外,在使用电动车过程中,不要擅自将原车配备的铅酸电池更换成锂电池,或者使用非原厂充电器和快速充电设备充电。(南消轩 王瑞)相关的主题文章: