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Interior-Decorating Some products and styles are timeless and Wood Blinds are one of them. A quality set of blinds should last for years and will go with many different decors so you can update your houses style without having to replace your blinds. That is why it is worth buying good, well made blinds from a reputable manufacturer like Hunter Douglas, who makes a complete line of Wood Blinds for your home. Hunter Douglas Wood Blinds come in five great styles. Each of the styles then comes in a wide range of color and material options so you have a huge number of different style and color combinations to choose from. You can see all of the options at ..hunterdouglas.., along with room shots, color samples and product information. However, to purchase you will have to find an online dealer or retailer. Hunter Douglas has five different products in their Country Woods line of Wood Blinds. The first is called Genuine Wood. These are made from the best North American hardwoods, like genuine oak and cherry. They have a sophisticated and traditional look. The finish is a Hunter Douglas exclusive that will last a long time and will protect against wear, scratching, moisture and fading. They have a 2 slat and are available in 8 different material and color .binations. For more rustic looking Wood Blinds, consider the Country Woods Select Wood Blinds. They are made from genuine eastern white pine. The wood has distinctive and beautiful grain patterns and knots that make it as real wood. They have 2 slats and .e in 3 attractive color choices. For a more modern look in Wood Blinds, you might consider the Reflections line. These have larger 2 5/8 slats that are beveled on the edges. When they are shut they look like shutters, but can be raised up under the valance with the convenience of blinds. The larger slats also mean that they are spaced further apart which makes these blinds less obtrusive and easier to view he outside through when you want them open but not retracted. Reflections .e in 22 different color .binations so you are sure to find one that is just your style. If you want a smaller slat like a mini blind but with the quality of Wood Blinds, then take a look at the Hunter Douglas Country Wood Classics. They .e in 3 different slat sizes: 1, 13/8 and 2. They are made from attractive basswood and you have your choice of 35 different stains or paint colors. 1 and 1 3/8 slat wood blinds are great if you have a room with smaller windows or ones with a very shallow casing because the narrow slats will still fit if you want to go with an inside mount. The small slats allow for infinite variation on the amount of light that filters into the room in the daytime, allowing you to adjust them to your mood and activity. The 2 slat woods are ideal for any size window and with the amount of colors and stains perfect to match any dcor. The final Wood Blinds product in the Hunter Douglas line is the Chalet Woods line. These are more economical than the others but still have the quality that you would expect from any product with the Hunter Douglas name. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: