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After a lapse of 9 days a day straight Shanghai winter really come? Yesterday was the beginning of winter. (statement) yesterday was the beginning of winter in Shanghai! (exclamation) this winter weather temperature soared to you so high, how can you, little E for you, then you blush, high temperature, small E feel shy to introduce Shanghai a mutton shop, a delicious dumplings! Shanghai, like small E for you to spread the word about what is the concept of winter, winter is really into the winter fun! What? Shanghai you say you know? Reflex arc is slow? It is understood that yesterday’s cold air forward has reached the northern part of Jiangsu and Anhui, is expected to appear in Shanghai today will be significantly reduced temperatures and windy weather. From the view of the weather, only after one day, Shanghai’s temperature dropped by 9 degrees, there are wearing shorts. Boys and girls, mom wants you to go home to wear trousers! It is understood that the rain stopped on Tuesday afternoon cloudy, the process of accumulated rainfall can reach moderate to heavy rain on Wednesday to cloudy, less precipitation; on Thursday will start with cloudy weather. Let us look at the haze, remember the last weekend of that accident, the fog filled the entire city, the car driver said, absolutely can not see. In 5, netizens have also drying out the Shanghai photo: the media said, in the fog shrouded, the whole of Shanghai into a silent hill. Good talent, instantly make small E goose goose bumps! In November 6, 2016, accompanied by clouds of high-rise buildings in Shanghai. The same day, dense fog in Shanghai, the local Central Meteorological Observatory issued an orange alert early morning at 6. The picture shows the cloud with the high-rise buildings in Shanghai, like Wonderland: Shanghai under heavy fog: although it looks beautiful, but Shanghai has been affected by the haze. The cold air in early November, November 5th official influence in the northeast region of China, and continues eastward! Although little impact on Shanghai, but the fog of the East are down. Let’s take a look at the national air index, Shanghai may still be in the next few days of mild pollution. This is cold, the North has been raging in a complete mess: Urumqi Karamay area has been filled the snow wind out of utter confusion only this cold wave is not, and seemingly no effect on the China what typhoon "Mireille", there is a typhoon and cyclone 90B in embryonic 92W help, they themselves carry large amounts of water vapor cold, cold wind + + rainfall, Shanghai, listen to E, hold yourself. The beginning of winter, Shanghai cool, small E is good to introduce the diet therapy and skin care preparations. The so-called "Lidongben fill winter", this regimen should follow the Qi hidden rules, to "keep possession" as the fundamental, the appropriate tonic, and exercise, mental recuperation. Diet, the diet should eat cold or hot food, suitable for clean up with food, such as chicken, duck, fish, sesame, walnut, peanut, black fungus, with Gan Sheng Jin of fruits and vegetables, such as pear, jujube, citrus etc.. At the same time, with some moist and nourishing diet conditioning. The beginning of winter season to keep calm and peaceful mood, the living will do "lie down early late, daylight will be", not only to ensure adequate sleep, also want to pay attention to)相关的主题文章: