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Fan Bingbing: I didn’t change after the love is soft, you add the pink bubble – Sohu entertainment Fan Bingbing said after falling in love with Li Chen himself is not soft       Sohu (entertainment news Hamai Wenxuan anti shadow figure Li Nan video) in all actresses, Fan Bingbing has maintained the highest rate of appearance and the number of headlines, popularity is always very busy. To say regret, that is, acting is often questioned over the years can not get rid of the vase impression. This can be a little different, he is no longer mentioned in the "star blanket" identity, but works with "I am not Pan Jinlian" the truth at the Toronto International Film Festival World Premiere, harvest praise, and took the winner in the subsequent San Sebastian International Film Festival in spain. Debut nearly 20 years, Fan Bingbing is using her efforts to prove that not only the various types of commercial blockbusters, but she needs to act as a "decent" film, she will also occupy a place. After the cooperation Li Yu, Feng Xiaogang, said she also in Cao Baoping’s film "white sparrow" played a Tibetan woman age span of twenty years old, may have homosexual feelings, Xun Zhou could take the drama. The story is adapted from Yan Geling’s short stories, occurred in the last century the army art troupe in 70s in Sichuan Tibet region. It can be said that Cao Baoping is the actress, actor Xun Zhou, Duan Yihong machine, and Deng Chao, Guo Tao and Liu Ye are based on his play with performance award. "No actors do not see the winning items, like athletes to win the gold medal" entertainment Sohu: Tokyo, Spain two times take the actress, what is the greatest value for you? Fan Bingbing: is to make an affirmation of the previous efforts. And then feel that did not live up to the director, did not live up to everyone’s expectations of you. Feel very happy, because you pay a return. Sohu Entertainment: wish to take after your birthday, you actually quite valued on Performance Award? Fan Bingbing: no actor does not value. In any profession, it has the standard of professional judgment. For example, athletes want to win gold medals, the Olympic Games may be their ultimate goal. You have trained more than two decades, you are in this moment of glory for the country, with a gold medal, is an affirmation of your biggest career. This is also the case for actors, no matter how big or small, young, old, may be in everyone’s heart will still feel that the award is certainly one of the greatest honor. But you said you think is the reason, do not give yourself too much pressure. When I first started, you asked me if there was pressure Do you want to win the prize? Do not want to be sure to be deceptive. In order to have a good attitude, sometimes awards is a kind of fate, luck is also plainly, is really very good, did not negate all of your prior efforts. "I belong to the kind of actor who is lazy, the full experience of the" Sohu Entertainment: do you have this kind of film in the process of being part of the role of the feeling? Fan Bingbing: it’s possible that you don’t know that well, but others seem to think you’re in相关的主题文章: