After the new deal, the market value of 22% days a day evaporation of financial loans from the

The new market day pleasant loans evaporate 22% Internet financial "farewell from the subversion of science and technology Wang Pan Tencent on August 24th at noon, a P2P platform founder Long Lin (a pseudonym) early after lunch, keep in front of the computer, waiting for the CBRC last" trial ", he hoped that before the rumors about the P2P’s borrowing limit is not true. After the news, "Interim Measures for the business management information network lending intermediaries (assessment draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "Interim Measures" and ") before the draft, the biggest change is that the provisions of the borrower loan balance in the same platform (total loan note: as a node date, the borrower have not yet returned to a lender) limit. The same person in the same net loan platform loan balance does not exceed the ceiling of 200 thousand yuan, net loan platform in different loan balance does not exceed 1 million yuan; the same legal persons or other organizations in the same net loan platform loan balance does not exceed the ceiling of 1 million yuan, net loan platform in different loan balance does not exceed the total 5 million yuan, but the news has not been officially confirmed. In the forest on the platform, there are more than 13 of the amount of personal loans are more than $200 thousand, many of these people are Tmall or Jingdong owner. Three pm, the media leaked ahead of the "Interim Measures", and officially confirmed the interim measures to limit it. See here, long Lin stood up and went to the bathroom, out of his pocket in cigarette ignited, puffed a few mouthfuls. He knew that he had to face the reality that it would come. In fact, Wall Street has issued the latest "Interim Measures" response, due to the limit of P2P platform pleasant credit loan business will also face adjustment, affected by this, pleasant loans (NYSE:YRD) shares fell sharply on Wednesday, as of the close, pleasant loans fell $6.92 to $24.52, or up to 22.01%. On the ceiling, long Lin thought a lot, at least in the long run, the limit can effectively reduce the risk of the whole industry, the lender’s financial security is a good thing, he just couldn’t bear to see the platform is not easy to do up the scale of borrowing by the limit of possible future impact. Only make him happy, "Interim Measures" and did not let him immediately cut off personal loan amount set in 1 million yuan of above 200 thousand yuan of corporate loans in the loan amount, his platform and all P2P platform, have a buffer period of 12 months, as long as the buffer period within the standard can do. At half past four pm, long Lin called all the executives of the company opened a short meeting, ready to start doing business adjustment, so that the gradual reduction of large loans to ensure compliance within the specified time. P2P only the traditional financial supplement P2P borrowing limit became the Interim Measures for the most attention, Haier’s Internet banking platform Hairong easy CEO Wang Wei believes that the reason why in 200 thousand, 1 million for the borrowing limit is connected to the relevant provisions of illegal fund-raising and criminal law, the Supreme People’s Court on illegal fund-raising the judicial interpretation of the provisions: personal illegally or disguised deposits from the public, in the amount of 200 thousand yuan, the unit illegally or disguised absorbing public!相关的主题文章: