Ali CEO Zhang Yong this year is the beginning of the new eleven double retail

Ali CEO Zhang Yong: this year eleven to the new retail Sina starting point Francisco November 12th morning news, 2016 Tmall dual eleven day trading volume to complete the new record of 120 billion 700 million yuan, the Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong followed by a summary of this year eleven for the interpretation and in the media center. Behind this year’s eleven double the amount of trading volume of the day, Zhang Yong said that you can see a few changes: globalization, interactive entertainment, personalization and online and offline linkage. Zhang Yong said that this year, the first two pairs of eleven important step in globalization. In 24 hours, there are more than 47 million users to buy international brand goods, international brands get an average annual growth of 47%. Interaction and entertainment, many new forms of expression and activities, not only through entertainment to digital life, but also to allow the combination of entertainment and business to a new path. To live, for example, the eleven day of the organization of a total of more than 60 thousand live long, a total of Over 770 million people concerned about. Personalized, increase the richness and depth of browsing. At the same time bring a large increase in the production of personalized information, business management to bring greater value. At the same time, Zhang Yong believes that wireless brings the advantages of the PC era does not have: Although the phone screen smaller than PC, but consumers can shop anytime, anywhere, high frequency. In the new retail, online and offline interaction has become a new bright spot, 6 000 digital line shop, in order, payment, membership, service linkage, and generate orders directly to online transfer to the nearest consumers warehouse and stores for distribution. Zhang Yong said, five years later, this year’s double eleven will be a starting point for the new retail. The whole business change, must be to embrace the Internet, believe that the role of big data and Internet business entities to create new value, thus promoting the reconstruction of elements entity industry, ultimately provide value for customers. "And this change is a good start this year." Zhang Yong said. (Zhang Junxue)相关的主题文章: