Also imitate surface ASUS will push win10 two in one flat-rainlendar

Also imitate Surface? ASUS will push Win10 tablet in a recent report to investors, said ASUS will launch a series of new products, including a similar to Surface in Windows  10 equipment. In fact, since the sixth generation of Intel chips have been released, and many manufacturers of Microsoft Surface’s, have launched a tablet of their equipment, and the ASUS or will become a new member of this field. ASUS Win10 tablet will push the imitation of the Surface (source: Neowin) as everyone knows, in recent years, flat sales in poor circumstances, many manufacturers to Microsoft Surface led the tablet computer, save a lot of sales and reputation for the tablet Market; however, to allow users to accept the new tablet. Also spent a lot of time, while Microsoft Surface equipment is becoming a commercial success. Therefore, once you find the correct formula, this is similar to the Surface equipment line will rapidly increase and gained popularity, and caused many hardware partners to follow suit, while the ASUS may be the new members to join the club. As the focus of Italy notebook, ASUS has released 2015 fourth quarter investor conference documents at the meeting, including a sudden like sliding device, and the device seems to be unknown company to promote the sales in the same period last year increased by 50% compared to 2016 2 1 flat plate. According to the exposure of the picture shows that the device in the front and back with the brand LOGO, also has the support of a similar series of Microsoft Surface and keyboard cover, image display, a A port, and USB  C may be lower than that of the Sueface interface, and a rear camera. At present, there is no further details about the new ASUS Windows10 tablet. The exposure map and the existing ASUS products including the flip notebook computer and transformer plate displayed on par with, therefore more details or look forward to it. 也仿Surface?华硕将推Win10二合一平板   在最近的投资者报告中,华硕透露了将推出一系列新品,其中就包括了一款类似于Surface的二合一Windows 10设备。其实,自从英特尔第六代芯片发布之后,就与很多厂商相继步微软Surface后尘,纷纷推出了自己的二合一平板设备,而此次华硕或将成为此领域的新成员。 华硕将推仿Surface的Win10二合一平板(图源:neowin)   众所周知,在近几年平板市场销量不佳的情况下,以微软Surface为首的众多厂商的二合一平板电脑,为整个平板市场挽回了不少销量和声誉;而尽管如此,来 让用户接受这种新型二合一平板,也是花了不少时间的,而微软Surface设备就是这样成为了一个商业上的成功。   由此可知,一旦找到了正确的公式,这种类似于Surface的设备线会迅速增长并得到普及的,并引发许多硬件合作伙伴纷纷效仿,而此次华硕就可能是加入该俱乐部的新成员。   作 为意大利笔记本的焦点,华硕在会上发布了2015第四季度投资者会议的文件,其中就包括一个具有像突然面滑动装置,而这款无名的装置似乎就是公司为推动 2016年同期销量比去年增50%的2合1平板。根据曝光的图片可知,该装置的正面和背面都带有华硕品牌LOGO,还具有一个类似微软Surface系列 的支架和键盘盖、图像显示、两个USB A型端口,以及可能低于Sueface的C型接口,还有一个后置摄像头。   目前,关于这款华硕新的Windows10平板电脑,没有进一步的细节提供。而此次曝光图也与现有的华硕产品包括其翻转笔记本电脑和变压器片一同并列展示出来的,因此更多细节还是期待吧。相关的主题文章: