American teachers 9 points to help you develop excellent children – Sohu maternal and

American teachers 9 points to help you develop excellent children – Sohu mother and child on how to educate children, the United States teachers put forward 9 suggestions! First, to help children develop the habit of reading so that children love to read, this is not only the teacher’s wishes, but also the wishes of parents. Chinese parents are the most common practice is to give children the task of reading, such as a day, and then check. If the child does not perform, or is not well done, or punishment or scold, it may be hit. Two, communicate with dinner to start from the beginning of the three, to lead the children away from the phone, computer and television screens in this era, mobile phones, computers and television to accompany the child’s time is very long. Many parents are aware of the seriousness of the problem. However, the Chinese parent’s practice is to confiscate the child’s cell phone, or shut him up in a room without these electronic devices, and they are addicted to it. Parents words and deeds, is the best example of the child. Four, actively participate in their children’s school life five, in the face of the child’s fault, let them learn responsibility six, create opportunities, encourage children to contact with more people, more in the interactive too self, or too weak autistic people, in this society will live more difficult. Seven, and the teacher standing on the United Front eight, send children to be on time on the nine, urge them, don’t let them lazy相关的主题文章: