And how can the fleshy seed material

And how can the fleshy seed material field seed material meat, we said jade, playing Jade seed material, is in the first place, then the seed material meat should see what point? First look at the fineness, that is, we usually say the degree of fineness. "Fine" in fact should be high fineness index, mainly has two aspects: one is the crystal size and uniformity, on the other hand also refers to the structure of the fineness, short clouds of fine and uniform degree. Usually the delicate high degree of Hetian jade seed, warm feeling is also high, to be very comfortable, want to play with the feeling. This oil, oil is an important characteristic of seed material, there is a risk of oil feeling, some material looks fine, but the material is very dry, no oil, some material a glance is a lump of oil, people can not help but want to play in the hands of the disk. Oily understanding, can be divided into two aspects, one is the vision of the oily gloss, strong luster and Hikaruzawa Youwa both look fat, fat and strong sense of material looks very vigorous and texture. The two is the feeling oily feeling, good to the body as a source of seed material, make you feel like frozen animal fats. Look at her, often mentioned is the seed material powder. Grease and powder are two concepts. Fat, generally refers to the moisture of the oil, and just a feeling, can not really touch the oil to stir fry. The powder is, texture, a vigorous and dignified feeling. For example, the kind of thick milk and boiled water compared with a sense of texture, because there is powder (micro solid suspended particles). Finally, there is an old saying in the ripe seed material, whether mature, is especially important standard to judge the quality of the material, when a certain grasp time to mature, even out of the novice. How to understand the old familiar? Is actually very simple, can think of ripe fruit, with a heavy light but not floating in deep penetration. Source: this phase jade (WeChat public number)相关的主题文章: