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Mobil-.puting Google acquired Android, Inc. in 2005. With the acquisition, they acquired the Android operating system. Android is an open source system based on Linux that makes it very developer friendly. The mobile market around the world is growing at a very fast rate with smart phones being the number one choice of consumers. The smart phones now double up as an MP3 player, GPS and a handheld video game. The market of applications is growing with the demand of smart phones. Android App Development has been .ing up over the years and the number of apps of the android store is expected to take over the number of apps on the Apple Store. Acc. to Gartner, Android is the most used mobile operating system. Currently there is almost 300K plus android based applications in the market. Previous versions of Android include Gingerbread, Cupcake and Honey.b. Android recently introduced their latest operating system called Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. It boasts of a better User Interface, multi-tasking capability, new widgets etc. Android App Development can use to build applications for phones and tablets using the Android platform. With major manufacturers like Samsung and HTC adopting Android, the market for App development continues to grow. The latest addition being Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.2 which is holding a quarter of the tablet market today. Android App Development is a new and growing market. Google also allows its major applications like Google Maps, G-Mail, G-Talk, Google Docs and calendars with all applications developed using Android App Development for a user friendly experience. Before starting Android App Development, the inventor should have a clear idea of the value that application will bring to the users. There are various categories available in the Android store like Utilities, performance, gaming, healthcare for developers to list their targeted applications. .panies specialize in Android App Development. The technical teams along with their trained creative force; they create applications that are user friendly yet enticing. They specialize in Android apps for finance, healthcare, gaming, photography industry. They can provide Android App Development on any platform like Microsoft windows, Linux and Mac Operating Systems. Tools needed for Android App Development include the latest version of Android SDK. The Android are created based on Java so expertise in the field is an absolute necessity. You will also need an application called Dalvik to test your application. There are a lot of guides available in the market which improve your understanding and quicken the Android App Development process. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: