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Angela Chang joined the public service activities: look forward to let the children look at the future and hope – Angela Chang and media interaction. Organizers Beijing September 1 (reporter Li Meng) today, Music Radio, I want to go to school to reflect the live audience of 1200 student action in Beijing officially launched in. The Central People’s Broadcasting Station music director of the center, China hair to pick the children’s foundation Secretary General Zhu Xizheng appeared, artist Angela Chang, Feng Jianyu, Song Bingyang attended the awakening, to help out. Recovery began to pay attention to public service activities from 2007, today he not only share the harvest and the perception of their way, also revealed that in late September with "Music Radio" the sound of music programs together to Qinghai "I want to go to school to go to love visits, the kids around, feel their real life state. At the same time for them to send their own wishes and warm. Waking up. The organizers for little meat Feng Jianyu expressed the hope that the urgent mood to help children. In the next love roadshow, served as a goodwill ambassador he will call for more people to join the ranks of love, raise more supplies for children, "I hope you can support them in the material, also can let them know we love them". In addition, by Angela Chang, Nicky Wu, Zhang Jie, Lala Hsu, Song Bingyang, sang and recorded the theme song "love" saw MV for the first time exposure, Angela Chang a stage they laughing a few people recorded a clear division of labor, "the producer and I said, the treble is left for me to sing". At the same time, she also said she was very happy to participate in the event: I hope to help these children see their future and hope." It is worth mentioning that the guest also reflected live activities to create exclusive gifts, as long as the use of user activity during this gift, Ying Ke will donate the corresponding funds supported a total of not less than 1000 children. Caring people can participate in online activities through the "love one kilometer", become "love traveler", "love walk accumulated mileage", the platform will be transformed into the corresponding money. It is reported that from September to December this year, "2016 Music Radio I want to go to school, Ying guest live 1200 student action" will be held in Shanghai, Beijing charity golf tournament, carrying the 5 love city roadshow in Chengdu, also held in Beijing charity party and other activities. (end)相关的主题文章: