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Angelababy’s pregnant belly pressure on Huang Xiaoming fell asleep (Figure) – Shenzhen channel: original title: Angelababy was 5 months pregnant belly goings Huang Xiaoming tired in the body of her husband baby Huang Xiaoming Angelababy fell asleep about 5 months pregnant, her husband Huang Xiaoming specially reduce the workload, just to take care of a pregnant wife, husband and wife recently the two fit I saw her coming out of the airport, almost all in the hands of pregnant belly side protection, Huang Xiaoming is more closely with her, sweet picture exposure once again inspire envy. Angelababy day before seen coming out of the airport, look from the side limbs, still slender, almost all hands touched 5 months pregnant belly, wafting thick pregnant taste and motherly love, beside Huang Xiaoming is a road with escort, closely couple baby pregnant wife, laughing and talking, the picture is quite like the interaction between sweet and warm. After the photo exposure, attracted users have a message call soon be blind, "flash" and "Baby really want to have a good rest, take good care of yourself with the baby, they really have couples face", "this is the day with food rhythm ah, good Mommy Ying". Lead to a heated discussion. In addition, Baby previously goings photos of Huang Xiaoming, also in the day before being pulled out. At that time, out of Huang Xiaoming, directly holding his wife lying on the sofa, even the costumes are not completely off, don’t mind others in the field, small details can be seen, the couple secretly really quite affectionate. (commissioning editor Chen Yuzhu and Wang Xing)

Angelababy挺孕肚压在黄晓明身上睡着了(图)–深圳频道–人民网 原标题:Angelababy挺5个月孕肚探班黄晓明 累倒在老公身上睡着   baby 黄晓明   Angelababy怀孕约5个月,老公黄晓明特地减少工作量,只为了专心照顾孕妻,近日夫妻俩合体现身机场,只见她几乎全程用双手捧着孕肚保护,身旁黄晓明更是寸步不离地陪伴着她,甜蜜画面曝光再度羡煞众人。   Angelababy日前被目击现身机场,从侧面看起来,四肢依旧纤细,几乎全程用双手摸着5个月孕肚,飘出浓浓孕味及母爱,身旁的黄晓明则是一路紧跟护送,寸步不离宝贝孕妻,夫妻俩有说有笑,互动画面被赞相当甜蜜又温馨。照片曝光后,引来网友纷纷留言直呼快被闪瞎,“太闪了”、“Baby真的要好好休息,照顾好自己跟宝贝”、“他们俩真的很有夫妻脸”、“这是天天撒狗粮的节奏啊”、“颖妈咪美美的”,引发一阵热烈讨论。   另外,Baby先前探班黄晓明的照片,也在日前被扒出。当时,累垮的黄晓明,直接抱着爱妻躺在沙发上,连戏服都没脱下来,完全不介意有旁人在现场,从小细节中便能看出,这对夫妻私下真的相当恩爱。 (责编:陈育柱、王星)相关的主题文章: