Anhui checks out the 4178 Party organizations that have not been scheduled to change the basic party-running man 20130908

Anhui: the investigation fails to change the grass-roots party organizations 4178   completed before the end of the Anhui Channel – General – original title: Anhui: the investigation fails to change 4178 grass-roots party organizations "to be completed before the end of the general inspection of Party organization transfer issues clues leading cadres 5592, 1718 people transferred to judicial disciplinary. Department of 394 people, 98% completion rate feedback clues; 3937, the rectification rate of 94%." Since the eighteen years of the party, the Anhui provincial Party committee has insisted on the inspection work as an important starting point to fulfill the main responsibility of comprehensively and strictly administering the party, and carried out 13 rounds of inspections, highlighting the "sword" role. Provincial Party Committee attaches great importance to. The "five person group" meeting of the Provincial Committee has 8 times to listen to the comprehensive report of the tour situation, the Provincial Standing Committee has 18 times to listen to the work report, the provincial party inspection work leading group held 27 special meeting, listen to the report, deployment task. This year, the provincial Party committee held a special provincial units and collective interviews will promote the rectification patrol, patrol briefing 48 provincial units of the problems found, the deployment of illegal business enterprises, personnel management problems, little Treasuries and other special rectification work. To achieve full coverage patrol. By increasing the number of inspection teams, patrol rounds, flexible use of conventional inspection, special inspection, "look back" and other forms, the "a N" and other specific methods, the nine session of the provincial Party committee has completed the 16 provincial cities, 105 counties (cities, districts), 85 provincial units, 20 the provincial state-owned backbone enterprises, 29 universities, 51 colleges totaling 306 objects patrol coverage. Patrol effect continues to improve. According to the clues inspection problems found in the province to carry out grassroots party organizations do not change the long-term special rectification, the investigation fails to change the grass-roots party organization 4178, by focusing on remediation, 3831 grassroots party organizations have completed the general; 347 grass-roots party organizations will be completed before the end of term. Liu Dawei, the former party secretary of the Lieshan community in Huaibei, found and handed over the inspection group, together with relatives and related personnel embezzled the collective assets cases, involving up to 150 million yuan, causing strong repercussions in the society, and giving full play to the deterrent effect of visits. New progress has been made in city and county patrol work. Up to now, 16 cities and 75 counties (cities, districts) to carry out inspections, establish patrol work leading group, set up patrol office, set up a total of conventional or special patrol group of 437, a total of 973 patrol units, found the patrol party 7106, Party members the cadre problem leads 3100, according to the inspection of the transfer of clues investigation 943 people given party discipline 698 people, 117 people transferred to the judiciary. (Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection (): fly, commissioning editor Zhang Lei) 安徽:排查出未按期换届基层党组织4178个 年底前完成换届–安徽频道–人民网 原标题:安徽:排查出未按期换届基层党组织4178个 年底前完成换届   “向被巡视党组织移交领导干部问题线索5592件,纪律处分1718人,移送司法机关394人,线索办结率98%;反馈问题3937个,整改率为94%。”党的十八大以来,安徽省委坚持把巡视工作作为履行全面从严治党主体责任的重要抓手,共开展13轮巡视,凸显了“利剑”作用。   省委高度重视。省委“五人小组”会议先后8次听取巡视情况综合汇报,省委常委会先后18次听取巡视工作汇报,省委巡视工作领导小组召开27次专题会议,听取汇报、部署任务。今年,省委还专门召开省直单位集体约谈暨巡视整改推进会,通报巡视48家省直单位发现的问题,部署违规经商办企业、干部人事管理问题突出、私设“小金库”等专项整治工作。   实现了巡视全覆盖。通过增加巡视轮次、巡视组数量,灵活运用常规巡视、专项巡视、“回头看”等多种形式,采用“一托N”等具体方法,九届省委已完成对全省16个省辖市、105个县(市、区)、85家省直单位、20家省属国有骨干企业、29所省属高校、51所高职高专院校共计306个对象巡视全覆盖。   巡视效果不断提升。根据巡视发现的问题线索,在全省开展基层党组织长期不换届专项整治,排查出未按期换届的基层党组织4178个,通过集中整治,3831个基层党组织已经完成换届;347个基层党组织将于年底前陆续完成换届。巡视组发现并移交的淮北市烈山社区原党委书记刘大伟伙同亲属及有关人员侵吞集体资产案件,涉案金额高达1.5亿元,在社会引起强烈反响,充分发挥了巡视震慑效果。   市县巡察工作取得新进展。截至目前,16个省辖市、75个县(市、区)开展巡察工作,建立巡察工作领导小组,成立巡察办,累计成立常规或专项巡察组437个,共巡察了973个单位,发现被巡察党组织问题7106个,党员干部问题线索3100件,根据巡察移交问题线索立案审查943人,给予党政纪处分698人,移交司法机关117人。(安徽省纪委) (责编:关飞、张磊)相关的主题文章: