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Relationships Almost everyone has heard about the traditions of the silver and gold anniversary. These are incredibly important dates in the married lives of any couple. One could argue that these milestones have even more significance today, with the rate of divorce higher in North America than ever before. The 25 (silver) and 50 (gold) year milestones of a couple’s wedding anniversary are not the only dates that have meaning, titles, and symbols attached, however. In fact, there is a wedding anniversary name for every year that a couple is married, and some sources will suggest that gifts exchanged incorporate the materials the occasion is named after. To really impress your wife, you can not only remember your anniversary date but surprise her by showing that you know what the year stands for, societally speaking. For the purposes of this article, the materials have been sorted on a five year cycle, with the exception of the first year. Keep in mind, though, that each year up until year fifteen has a specific material. After the fifteenth year, the intervals are in groups of five years. You will no doubt find that some years of marriage are more difficult than others; these years are especially important when it .es to your anniversary, as you will want to be reminded and remind your significant other that you can get through the tough times. Year One (Paper): This is a very important anniversary year, and the reason why should be obvious to anyone. In keeping with the traditional label, you can give each other poems or stories, or simply a recounting of the highlights of the past year. Photographs also count as paper gifts. Some couples choose to go the modern route for this anniversary, and according to some sources the appropriate gift for this occasion is a clock (including watches; alarm clocks are also appropriate). Year Five (Wood): The fifth year of marriage is generally regarded as the first really difficult one. It is important on this occasion to really dig deep to make this anniversary special. Most couples find that they have at least one child by this anniversary, so it is important to arrange some time for yourselves. Some gifts to consider might be items of furniture to update the look of your bedroom, or a set of tools to help with projects around the house for the handy husband. Modern custom also allows for silverware to be given as a gift on this anniversary. Year Ten (Tin or Aluminum): By the tenth year, most couples are fairly balanced and have a good routine going. Frames to hold family or even wedding pictures, cookware, or an engraved plaque with significant meaning are all special gifts on this occasion. Modern custom allows for couples to exchange diamond gifts on this anniversary as well, which makes it easy on the husband who prefers to just buy jewelry. Year Fifteen (Crystal): Crystal means that it is time for an updated dining set, one that will be used solely on important occasions. The idea here, of course, is that any kids are now past the age where they are likely to get into cupboards and destroy expensive dinner-ware. Year Twenty (China): Hosting parties is all the rage at the two decade point in your marriage. It’s time to update the china collection or, if you didn’t get any for the wedding, to create one. Modern traditions also say that platinum is an appropriate material for this occasion, and you might want to consider replacing your wedding rings or other types of platinum jewelry. Year Twenty-Five (Silver Jubilee): Somewhere between the twenty and twenty fifth anniversaries is the second long rough patch that most couples experience in their marriages. As with the fifth year, this is a time of significant change in the lives of most couples, as kids have all or mostly moved out, or at the very least have grown up and are independent. Couple will often look at each other and find that they have to totally readjust to living on their own again. Year Thirty (Pearl): Pearls are one of the easiest options when it .es to material to incorporate as a gift, at least if you are the husband. It might be more difficult to find a pearl gift for the husband, so ladies should consider the modern allowance for another diamond gift. Year Thirty-Five (Jade): There are plenty of decorations and ornaments made from jade, so keeping the tradition of year thirty-five is easy for both husband and wife. You might even consider a trip to an area of the world that is famous for jade production, such as India, as a great anniversary getaway. At this point in most people’s marriage, they are too .fortable to be worried about customary traditions and gifts. The next big date on the anniversary calendar is the gold anniversary at fifty, with the emerald five years later and the diamond celebrations five years after that. When outlined in an article such as this, it may seem as though reaching the 60 year, diamond jubilee is a piece of cake. Consider, though, that couples that marry very young will still not see this anniversary until they are in their eighties, and the concept of special anniversaries can be seen from a whole new perspective. All anniversaries are special occasions, and knowing the materials that mark the year will make it all the more significant. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: